Announcing my next mod (mod's)

Started by MMG on Sun, 08/16/2020 - 15:56

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Announcing my next mod (mod's)
Sun, 08/16/2020 - 15:56

So, Most of you propably don't know me, but I am using Mcreator for 3 years already. I am not exactly best mod maker, but I made some mods which are pretty good on my opinion. Like Mario and Luigi Block Brothers mod or The Cloud mod. Few weeks back I cancelled development of next versions for my Mario mod and DLC: enderum mod. That meant I had no project to work on.

And now after 4 days of work on next project I am announcing it. I am making "DLC collection" mod. 


Minecraft DLCs was small series of mods I was planning that would add a new content and keep game vanilla like. I released beta for DLC: Enderum and later cancelled it becouse of this project. I already had couple of more DLCs in development back then. DLC: green adding brand new flashed out biome with new mobs, resources and crafting stations, DLC: ender codex adding lore to the End. DLC: Dangers of the sand working on improving deserts. Most of these were almost complete except Enderum which was like 40% and Dangers of the sand which was like 5%. And I am not even talking about that failure named DLC: Gem and End. That was small mod I made to try out mcreato 1.8.3 and it added ruby and weird ender cow. It could had trademark of noob mcreator mod. I removed it from website earlier this week. So you don't need to suffer.


Now to the thing. What is DLC collection mod? Well. Since I scrapped this DLC mod series I will now make 1 mod which will contain them all. Every big update will add 1 more DLC.

Right now I am working on beta version. I just completed 1rst DLC. Remaster of DLC: Enderum. Yes, remaster. I am remastering all DLCs I wanted to make since some of their features haven't fit into vanilla as I intended. Whole Enderum was redisigned from ground up and most of others will be too.


DLC: Enderum Remastered contents:

-Enderum - a new way of traveling

-Totem of Mobility - accesory for Enderum

-Piston Glider - You heard it, piston powered glider from phantom membranes

-Fly - not flying. Fly is a bug, classic fly scouping arround overworld. You can kill it to get fragments of it's wings

-Flyder - improved version of glider

-lightning charm - summons lightning 5 times before broken

-malachite - a new ore, seems it has connection to enchanting

-malachaty pylon - compact upgrade for enchantment table, has power of 10 bookshelfs

-enderwatcher - Enderman corrupted by lightning, its more human like, more aggresive, more tougher. Practically new miniboss. (Am I sniffing lore?)

-broken ender pearl - rare resource gotten from Enderwatchers. It has no use yet. I will decide its use in future.

-Curse of the tower - a new curse for swords. It has levels from I to V. Every level gives sword 20% chance to explode when mob is hit. Damiging both you and mob.

-Curse of vampirism - a helmet curse. levels I to IV. When you are on sunlight you will get I- Weakness II- Hunger III- Blindness IV-Poison (bigger levels have features of lower)

-Curse of breaking - unbreaking but it breakes your pickaxe. Levels I to III.

All courses can be gotten from enchanting making them lot more dangerous than vanilla ones.


Also yes. DLC collection will add some lore to the game. I will try to make it way so player can ignore it. DLC collection will be launching in upcomind weeks or months with first beta version containing:


DLC: Enderum - a transport improving DLC

DLC: Dangers of the sand - Improving deserts

DLC: Bronze and Steel - Adding new resources to minecraft (don't worry. I will try to make it interesting)

DLC: Green - adding 2 new biomes

DLC: Ender Codex - adding basic lore and standart galactic alphabeth research system


(all DLCs are including a ton of achievements for player to unlock)


So it could take me few months to finish this first beta, but I am sure it will be great. You can follow me on my youtube for more info when it will come. For now bye and wish me good luck.