Modern Zelda: Devlog #1 (ft. Modern Zelda News)

Started by Mr. Egg on Tue, 11/24/2020 - 21:33

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Modern Zelda: Devlog #1 (ft. Modern Zelda News)
Tue, 11/24/2020 - 21:33

(Before we get started, I will be releasing the Modern Zelda mod when I am finished! Reason: No reason given.)

I am already pretty far into the mod and I don't remember what happened when I started let's get to where I am now! This is gonna be boring, so strap on! So I started by being bored, and so I got an idea! TO WORK ON MY MOD! I picked the obvious best choice, Modern Zelda and I got to work! I started by getting some ideas for one or two new weapons, so I got an idea! Yesterday, I created a new Yiga tab so I decided to work on two new weapons. I've already created a new-never-before-seen weapon in the Yiga area, so I decided to add some existing items instead. I started with the Yiga Sickle, the main weapon of the Yiga. After I was done that, I created the secondary melee weapon of the Yiga: the SECRET WEAPON! Finally after creating SECRET WEAPON, I realized I needed a better texture for the Master Sword. The original texture was too short and T H I C C, and it didn't capture the exact design of the Master Sword. That is it for this update's Devlog!