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UltimateS wiki
Sat, 02/06/2021 - 16:54 (edited)

NOTE: this is a draft

UltimateS-a mod created by the user WOSAJ, At the moment, the latest version of the mod is Demo 2.3, (blueprint update) 

Highlights: Ores and materials:


Platinum Rare metal, soft, needed for alloys
Nickel Quite a common metal, needed for alloys
Silver Not a frequent metal, needed for alloys
Mineral Not a frequent ore, a dirty mineral falls out
Ruby Quite rare ore, rubies fall out
Mana A fairly common ore that drops mana

Not very frequent ore, for obtaining sulfur must work hard, explodes with some chance



Name description ingredients
Nethorium Medium-hard alloy nethereye, electrum, nethermoss extract
Endorium Medium-hard alloy ender pearl, invar, platinum

Soft alloy

Gold, silver
Invar With most of the alloy for other alloys Iron, nickel
GoldBrass Alloy for all kinds of mechanical parts and rings  Gold, electrum, invar
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