Feature Request: NBT in Custom Recipes

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Feature Request: NBT in Custom Recipes

Hello guys, it's me again :D

Today I'm asking for a new feature:

"NBT editor" or something in "Recipe" Mod Element!

I know, it's possible with custom code,
but we need something for unexperienced modders
to make it a lot easier for them to create a good mod.

How I mean it:

I want item's NBT to be editable when crafted:
e.g. setting tag "Unbreakable" to "true" when specific item is crafted in a specific way.
(for each specific Crafting Recipe)

You might ask: "Why don't you create a new item then?!"
"Why don't you use the 'On Crafted/Smelted' event then?!"

Imagine, you've created
a Laser Gun in your mod
and want it to charge
by crafting it together
with a Battery.
The resulting "power" NBT tagĀ of your Laser Gun
depends on the Battery's "power" tag.