Advanced Sorcery, A New Way Of Magic.

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Advanced Sorcery, A New Way Of Magic.
Fri, 04/16/2021 - 16:40 (edited)



IMPORTANT NOTE: This Showcase Is Not Based From The Newest Version. Please Visit Advanced Sorcery | MCreator For The Newest Description.


Starting With Advanced Sorcery, Simple Crafts: 


(All Crafts On This Section Are Made With A Normal Crafting Table)

Before Making Our Conjures, We Will Need Materials For Making Them Work, First, Craft A Resonating Wand (JEI May Be Needed).

After We Have Our Resonating Wand, We Will Need An Energy Barrel.

Then, After Our Energy Barrel Is Placed Correctly, We Will Need To Craft An Energy Catalyzer To Make It Function Correctly. 

Also, We Will Need Our Basic Altar, Craft It And Place It Correctly.

After We Have This, We Will Need 1 More Item For Our Conjures, An Energy Stabilizer.


                                   Charging Things With An Energy Barrel:

For The Last Thing, Before We Make Our First Conjure, We Will Need A Charged Resonating Wand, Open The Energy Barrel's GUI And Place A Resonating Wand Followed By An Energy Catalyzer, Click the Button, And Wha-La, A Charged Resonating Wand.

After You Made And Used Your Basic Wand, You May Have Noticed It Can Break, This Is Because The Energy Inside It Can Die, To Charge It, Put It On The Energy Barrel, Followed By An Energy Catalyzer. After Clicking The Button, It Will Be Fully Charged Again. Be Careful With Your Wand!



                                  Starting With Advanced Sorcery, Basic Conjures: 

After Having Our Basic Altar Correctly Placed, We Will Need A Stick To Open The Altar's GUI. After We Opened The Basic Altar's GUI, We Will Need 1 Diamond And 1 Energy Stabilizer, Put Them On The GUI, And Right Click The Altar With A, "Charged Resonating Wand". (And Then Right Click With A Normal Resonating Wand.)

The Energized Diamond Should Be Obtained, With This Energized Diamond, We Can Make Our 1st Wand, The Basic Wand. On The Basic Altar GUI, Put An Energized Diamond And A Blaze Rod. After Confirming Our Conjure, We Should Obtain Our First Wand.


                                    Basic Wand, Spells And Functions:

(Customizable Spells Will Be Added To All Wands In Future Updates.)

After You Made Your Basic Wand, It's Time To Use It! Right Clicking On The Air Will Summon A Lightning Bolt To Every Near Mob. Each Bolt Costs 2 Energy.

Hitting A Mob With Our Wand, Will Summon A Lighting, This Will Cost 5 Energy, Be Careful, It Can Hit You Too!

Our Basic Wand Can Maintain Up To 25 Energy. (Energy Upgrades Will Be Implemented Too, On Future Updates.)

Right Clicking With Our Wand On An Iron Ore, Will Convert It To A Charged Iron Ore. This Will Summon A Lighting, So Be Careful! (Currently Charged Iron Ore Do NOT Have An Implemented Function, But It Will on The Next Update.)

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