A Few Ideas That I'd Like to Suggest

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A Few Ideas That I'd Like to Suggest
Sun, 04/25/2021 - 00:10 (edited)

Hey, so I've been using MCreator for awhile now, and I've seen a few new features added, but personally, I've had some ideas that I'd honestly like to see added.

-The ability to add new world-types (Basically how there is default, superflat, amplified, etc) 

- An easier way to generate custom worlds/dimensions than to just base it on the 3 world types.

- More options for mob animations (and most likely the ability to add custom ones, because I think people would use that ALOT.)

- Block animations (If these aren't already added. I checked over it but I don't see it, so I have no idea if this is already added or not, or if it's hidden.)

- Some way to modify existing structures (maybe either adding to them, or just flat out removing them for easier mod-customization.)

- Any way to remove the world border and extend the world past it's limit would be nice too.

(I'll most likely keep editing this when I get more ideas, but those are just some basic concept ideas I've had.)

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