More Options In Some Elements!

Started by SDC137 on Thu, 04/29/2021 - 19:32

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More Options In Some Elements!
Thu, 04/29/2021 - 19:32


So I'm currently waiting for the full release of the 2021 version of MCreator I don't want to play the snashots cuz i wanna surprise myself with all of the new features!

Anyways i want to recommend som options to add!

1. The Mod Element Living Entity! in Visual and Sounds at the Entity model option there are a bit of the Vanilla minecraft models and I think that there should be more Entity models added! Like The Ender Dragon, The Wither, Husks, NEW WARDEN *Sort of like early access* and other mobs like that maybe even Villagers! in AI and Goals section there is the Entity Base wich allows you to give YOUR custom mob the Vanilla AI of another mob. So i want to make another type of dragon, wither, Blaze and Squid but I don't know how to make them like shoot Fireballs or Wither Skulls and stuff like that so it's easier to just give your custom mob a AI from the Vanilla AI! 

2. Biomes! I want there to be more tree options for a custom biome for example the forest biome has Oak AND Birch in it so I think there should be 3 Tree options and how they will look like so For Example if i wanted to make like a Blossom Tree I'd choose the Oak tree template and for a Rose like tree id choose the Birch Tree Template! In the Biome Generation section there should be more than just "Generate in the Overworld" I think there should 3 different options! The Biome to generate in the END, NETHER, OVERWORLD and also your custom Dimension! Also there should be a "Feel Particle" option! The Feel Particle option would spawn 3 different particles in the biome floating and moving around just like in the Warped and Crimson forests etc! So you would choose the Vanilla particles and your own custom particles! Why is there 3 particle textures, well to add a bit of Variation to the paricles so For Example the first paricle in 1 pixel and its Red, the second particle is 3 pixels big and its Purple and the 3rd is like a snowflake or Idk something you made!


3. More Door's and Trapdoor's option's! What i mean by more doors options is i mean there should be an option for how big or tall a door would be! For Example i want to make a 3 block door so i just simply choose the three textures and thats it! The trapdoor works a bit differently! You could choose how big the trapdoor is so if i wanted to make like a Bunder Trapdoor for like a War mod or something similar, I could choose the size of the trapdoor! So the regular one, 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 etc all the way to 10x10!


4. Weapon or Ranged Item Triggers! I think there should be an option in Triggers where is says "AfterWeaponUsedOnce" you could make that weapon explode if you used it once like hit a mob, player etc! There should also be a "CoolDown" code block so it makes it alot easier to replacate 1.9 cooldown so you can't spam click the weapon! Mostly I'm talking about the rangel item! I want to make a Magical Power that let's you shoot fireballs! Ghast fireballs and the Blaze fireball! It would also be cool if there was a code block that allows you to actually spawn in a Fireball or something like that and shoot it! Also a mob would be also able to use that code block! It would make making Entity's similar to Dragons, Withers, Ghasts and Blaze's alot easier of a job than it is now!


Thanks for reading my idea!