16x32x16 Block - Bounding Box interaction

Started by LoopCrafting on Sat, 07/30/2022 - 21:33

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16x32x16 Block - Bounding Box interaction
Sun, 07/31/2022 - 11:15 (edited)

Hello everyone,
I'm quite new to modding and sorry if this has already been asked but I didn't find anything useful on the forum.

What I'm trying to do is simple but somehow it doesn't work as expected. I created a 16x32x16 (XYZ) block on Blockbench and I exported it as a JSON model, textures included.
I then created a new block in MCreator setting the above model with its textures, I set up the basic params and all and I tested it.

Everything works fine, the texture is being rendered correctly and the visible bounding box is correct: I can see that the block is 32px high as I wanted.
Anyways, the player collides correctly (it's like having two blocks one above the other) but the visualized binding box is there only when I look at the "base" block (from 0 to 16px on the Y axis) and I can only break it from the same base block. No interaction happens if I look at the upper mid of the block and if I try to place another block on top of it, the lower mid of the new block intersects the upper mid of the old block.

I tried playing around with the bounding boxes in two ways:
1) Only one entry: from 0 0 0 to 16 32 16 (XYZ).
2) Two entries: from 0 0 0 to 16 16 16 (XYZ) and from 0 16 0 to 16 32 16 (XYZ).

But the result is the same.

Here is the example of the Pixelmon PC, it's two blocks high and I noticed, looking into the asset folder of the mod .jar file, that is treated as a single block that has only one texture. This is beacause I found similar questions where people suggested to create two different blocks and then managin the place/break/etc. interactions via procedures, but I don't think this would be quite useful with a complex 3d model like the one below (I also prefer to treat the block as a single item):
In-game block.PC texture

Let me know if you need any other info about this and thank you in advance for the help.

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