How to make a slime-like entity, a detailed request, speaking for everyone

Started by cherritrg. on Mon, 03/20/2023 - 09:16

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How to make a slime-like entity, a detailed request, speaking for everyone
Mon, 03/20/2023 - 09:16

I am speaking for everyone who wants to make a slime-like entity, because all forums I see about this topic ends in the same "solutions" that don't really help.

Imagine a slime like one from Slime Rancher / Slime Rancher 2, one as simple as a Pink Slime.

It can jump while moving (not just at an entity target).

I want it to be compatible with the custom AI procedures.


I don't want to use the Slime entity base; I don't want the entity to split.

I also don't want to use plugins, but I will if needed or heavily recommended.


If you're citing procedure block combinations or code, make sure to screenshot, link or write out exactly what it is.

Don't be one of the people to say "just write custom code to make it jump".


It will be for a Forge mod for 1.19, but if you have any info concerning this topic for other mod loader versions or game versions that may help, please share that info as well as it can help other people with other versions -- just make sure to clarify what version / mod loader it's for.


Any extra screenshots will help in explaining a process, as some buttons may be too small or easily missable to some people.

If you're talking about a plugin, add-on, other forum topic or an MCreator workspace, please do link it if possible -- with no shady websites or link shorteners please.


And if the MCreator team is reading, it would be nice to let forum authors close a topic, mark comments as helpful or both. It will help especially in the "Help with modding" forums.