greenhouse mod

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greenhouse mod
Sat, 04/08/2023 - 11:33 (edited)

b4 i say anything , i just to clarify that im bad at modding and i have no experience , and my potato can barely run 1 instance with mods , bcz of how broken it is 

with that being said  ..

im working on a small modpack

and im looking for a greenhouse mod thats is somewhat configurable 

most of the mods with greenhouses doesn't cut it 

my idea is a standalone greanhouse mod with :

1 - NO ADDED ITEMS WHAT SO EVER ( using only vanilla glass blocks |All colors|)

2 - no outer library mods

configuration and how it works :

first glass block should be at least 2 blocks high < minimum , if 3 would be better 

stackable blocks up to 8 glass blocks on top of each other with the 8th block growth rate should be 90% ( no insta grow)

 compatibility :

for me atleast : farmer delight and its addons , vanilla crops ( ore dictionary if it helps in this case )

might add things later

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