How to Make a Rocket

Started by great Minecraf… on Sat, 04/29/2023 - 06:13

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How to Make a Rocket
Sat, 04/29/2023 - 06:13

here's how to code a rocket:

You first have to make a GUI mod element, in the GUI make a button, make a procedure, in the procedure use the code "switch dimension of event/target entity to" after the "to" in that code, you'll see a button, click that and choose your custom dimension, go to the GUI you made earlier double click the button and you'll see a screen, now press the "on button clicked procedure" and now pick from the list of procedures the one you made earlier and press the "save changes" button and save the GUI, now this part is optional, In the custom dimension, you have to go to triggers and put a procedure which spawns the rocket entity a few blocks on top of you and some blocks away. Here's how to make the entity so that you can actually use your GUI, Make an entity using the living entity procedure, make sure the rocket has no AI in the "AI and goals" tab and in the "inventory" tab, bind the rocket to the GUI you made earlier, make an item for the rocket, now in the "triggers" tab use the "when right clicked on block" trigger, make a procedure, in the procedure put a code from the "item procedure" tab called "shrink provided item stack by (number)" for the number bit leave it as 1, make the rocket drop the item. If you want your same rocket to be able to get you back to the overworld then, make another button in the GUI except this time when you make a procedure choose the dimension called the "surface" and that's how to make a rocket.