Joining Pillagers for alternate progression

Started by weebis on Wed, 05/03/2023 - 17:06

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Joining Pillagers for alternate progression
Wed, 05/03/2023 - 17:06


  • players can join the illagers and raid villages 
  • new hidden karma system with +1 point for becoming hero of a village and -1 point for performing a raid, illager will only be neutral at 0 karma or lower, at -1 karma village golems will be hostile and villagers avoid player
  • villager chests are now locked, encouraging raids
  • villager chests more likely to contain ender pearls 
  • undead attack illagers
  • drinking mercury divide health by 3 and multiply damage by 6
  • breaking a villager chest will aggro any guards/iron golems
  • ability to become a raid captain, you can use illager banners to recruit up to 15 illagers for a raid 
  • recruited illagers will need to be hired and can level up
  • baby villagers will grow into illagers if they grow up in a mansion and vice versa for villages
  • new ruby ore
  • new mercury liquid



  • illagers are a cult that worships the ender dragon 
  • stronghold belonged to illagers until villagers sealed it to prevent ender dragon being unleashed on the overworld 
  • illagers are mad about this
  • illagers ritualistic use of mercury is what makes them grey
  • illagers see endermen as angelic and you will be discouraged from slaying them if you join the illagers
  • illagers view undead as a curse for the ender dragon not being unleashed 


illager rituals

  • by putting a certain mobs and a proper amount of rubies in pool of mercury you will make special mobs loyal to you
  • villager + 1 ruby = pillagers
  • villager + cow + 5 rubies = ravager
  • allay = vixen
  • villager + cave spider + 12 rubies = new ravager spider mount
  • illagers created by player can join raids for free


ravager spider mount 

  • crawls along walls like nyfs spiders
  • eats villagers 
  • poison bite attack 
  • immune to fall damage 


similar mods:

  • illager mercenaries
  • attack on villager



  1. reach -1 karma
  2. find a pillager
  3. receive map to illager mansion 
  4. meet illager preacher
  5. deliver 10 baby villagers to illager structures (carry on or a mob cage mod for transport)
  6. become an illager raid captain
  7. craft 12 end crystals 
  8. surround a 3x3 mercury pool with 12 end crystals and dump two eyes of ender, this will summon endermen to take the crystals and give you the ancient eye of ender that teleports you directly above the stronghold
  9. upon entering the end there will now be an inner ring of 12 shorter obsidian pillars 
  10. sacrifice villagers to ender dragon to gain the ability to summon it