Mcreator Really needs a custom Tree importer

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Mcreator Really needs a custom Tree importer
Fri, 06/02/2023 - 20:57 (edited)

I have been trying to make a custom, better vanillia biome, and the best way to make my own custom trees, is to use structures, which i think may slow down the game generation. I have been wanting this for a while now, just for their to be an option to import custom structures, and make them trees for your biome. Thank you mcreator!


I would reccomend having it so that when you are selecting a tree for your biome, you can have the custom tree of course still, but then below the vanilla selection, (since people might want vanilla trees in their biomes still alongside their custom ones), maybe have it so that you can select a structure for your custom tree.

Thank you MCreator!


I was also thinking about making it so that making saplings is a lot easier, instead of having to make a lot of code, you can just make it one button? somehow? I dont know.

Basically, make it so that making your own custom trees, is a lot, lot easier, (and you could also have it so that saplings are easier too.) Thank you!

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