Strange glitch with non-existent biomes generating

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Strange glitch with non-existent biomes generating


I have been experiencing an issue with biome generation.

I want to create a biome which only spawns above the ground (like plains or forest).

When I generated a new world, I noticed the biome spawned underground as well as above it.

To fix my problem I started digging for anything including the word "underground" in it, both in MCreator and the forum.

To my surprise, even after I disabled the generation altogether, the biome still generated in the caves and above the ground.

I found out it does not matter which checkboxes are checked out, the biome will always generate in the caves and above.

I had the same issue about a year ago with my other biome, but it does not seem this bug happens with that one.

I do not have any idea how to fix this issue, nobody else seems to be having it.

I hope more experienced users will help me with this peculiar situation.