Blocky procedure colors meaning

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Blocky procedure colors meaning

Look I don't understand all of the procedure and you guys don't want to communicating you don't want to talk to me you don't want to hear me but I have trouble hard to understand what each one of the color means so can I get at a list what other things means for me because I look in the Wikipedia for this and there's no answer there's no page on it of the procedure so I need more understanding what works and how it works and what can you combine and what can you not combine because the admin on this website made it so hard that I have to give up with mod making because there is not in my life that I have to learn that only playing video games and I wish that I can so badly to learn this to make all also so what I want but if you cannot understand what I'm want can I don't know what I can do because let's say that you guys are the best thing understanding for each other as a community

Yellow blockstate Orange…
Fri, 08/25/2023 - 14:41

Yellow blockstate

Orange direction or world

Red itemstacks

Light blue/mixes to green player blocksb

Medium blue entity blocks and logic blocks (slightly different color)

Dark blue maths

Pink projectiles

Green texts(strings) and loops