Deadreaper's Statues mod

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This mod adds statues to your game, thanks to this, you can decorate your home with your favorite heroes.
Before that, you need to craft a Statue Maker Workbench, you will need 2 sticks, 3 planks (any type) and 1 paper.

Then right click on the block and you will have an interface, click on a button to display the statue of your choice.

The statues are:
Alex (Minecraft)
Camera man (Skibidi Toilet)
Herobrine (Minecraft) (THIS MOD IS NOT A HEROBRINE MOD!!!)
Mario (Super Mario)
Noob (Roblox)
Notch (Minecraft)

Future plans:

I would add more statues, you can give me video game characters in the comments, I will transform them into a statue ;)

Modification files
DS 1.0.0.jarUploaded on: 09/04/2023 - 07:31   File size: 73.28 KB