Village/Town system

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* Look at changelog before downloading

There is 3 files:

  1. Simple just to make you understand how its work (this is not really helping currently, i will make a video)
  2. The file for village (not really different)
  3. The file for town, big medieval houses with random block palette

Some points:

  • Village don't spawn naturaly you need to spawn them with a village generation block
  • This is really just a start and there is a lot of errors. 
  • It's currently literally just a path with houses appearing on the sides.
  • The goal of this publication is to make you understand how to create a basic village generation system.
  • I have a lot of ideas planned this mod is in development and really not finished.
  • Workspace of the first file is FREE:

  • Maybe i will make a video. 
  • Tell me your ideas!


Modification files
The right file.jar - Just to show how this workUploaded on: 08/04/2020 - 14:51   File size: 93.1 KB
Scorpion village system_0.jar - The file for villageUploaded on: 08/05/2020 - 12:01   File size: 111.21 KB
Town.jar - The file for town (start to be complicated)Uploaded on: 08/08/2020 - 14:31   File size: 297.88 KB

This concerns the file named town

  • Town (village are currently removed)
  • Random houses blocks variation
  • 7 type of town houses
  • Creative tab


This concerns the file named Scorpion village system
  • Long house
  • Tavern
  • Better and simpler path system
  • Beacon spawn at the "middle" of the village

I just realized that i didnt place the right file here...
Just like that if someone is interested, im searching a builder for the structures in my village. If you think you have good skills in building and you are interested tell me here pls.

Cool! I always wanted to know how to make a custom village :D

I am new to this program I tried to get help and I do not know much yet just wondered on this cool mod I know when it comes to building village buildings and could make them match your them maybe I will and look into how to upload them and send it. I am still learning a lot tho but I defiantly might possibly be able to help I might need time to learn more but I am interested I can build I just am not familiar with the advance tech in this even tho I am a part-time coder assistant... tho this is all new and confusing yet to me...

um... OK so like I said I can make structures on mine craft I am still unsure how to move the structures from mine craft onto here so I can look that up or if you have hints on this too. I do see about 3 building stiles and I am only familiar with 2 of them. my only disadvantage on this program is I am not familar with the .jar and .zip files on minecraft I am most familiar with .mcpacks/.mcworlds/.mcdatapacks ext. then your theam seems to be of 3 building stiles and 98% of the over world based blocks. this sound correct? so if you hint how to do the upload from mine craft or I looking it up about now... wish me luck

I don't understand all that you say because of some errors but before building your house(s) they are some essential criteria to make your structure work in my mod (that why i want to contact you privatly, i didn't want to flood this page with message like that). (a old gmail adress that i make when i was kid), contact me here

so when I looked it up it said it was a 3d export mode... when I looked in the modes there where only save and load it could be my device but well I truly wish to do this my only thing is getting it to work in the exports...