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I released a new furniture mod, I'll still update this one to newer Minecraft versions but I won't add new content to it since it's becoming really hard to work on it (Mostly because of all the content decoration and furniture adds)

Decoration and Furniture is a mod that adds over 500 blocks to the game, some items, 3 structures and even some food, you can use it to build maps or just in your survival world

This mod can be used for servers and modpacks



Here's what Decoration and Furniture adds up to the newest version:

-A lot of furnitures, like tables, desks, chairs, wardrobes, etc

-More bricks and new variants of bricks, like crimson/warped bricks or brick columns

-A lot of small decorations

-Compatibility with Quark and Alex's Mobs

-Halloween, Christmas and summer themed items

-New light blocks, like big candles or paper lanterns

-Carved melons, more carved pumpkins and soul jack o'lanterns

-More types of flowerpots

-New plants

-Some new tools

-3 Structures, one spawning in the end, one in the overworld and one in snowy biomes

-A few advancements

-Other things not listed here

-English, Spanish and Chinese translations (Everything since 1.7.1 is translated to Chinese using google traduction so it's not really good)

Modification files
Decoration Mod 1.9.1 (Ver 1.18.2).jar - The latest version for 1.18.2Uploaded on: 08/11/2022 - 14:38   File size: 9.47 MB
Decoration Mod 1.10 (Ver 1.19.2).jar - The latest version for 1.19.2Uploaded on: 01/20/2023 - 19:00   File size: 10.42 MB
Decoration Mod 1.10.1 (Ver 1.19.4).jar - The latest version for 1.19.4Uploaded on: 08/02/2023 - 14:09   File size: 9.8 MB

Changelog 1.10
-Ported to 1.19.2

-Alex's Mobs compat
-Soul candles
-Candle blocks
-2 new cakes
-Soul skull
-Soul emitter
-Ghost logs
-Ghost door and trapdoor
-Ghost furniture
-Ebony door
-Bat plushie (Can be obtained rarely when fishing)
-Written book, enchanted book and ancient tome piles
-Candy pumpkin and candy pumpkin block
-Candy blocks can now be crafted into candy

-Changed book pile texture and recipe
-Changed plasma texture and recipe
-Chairs now have a 3D model inside the inventory
-Changed golden chair texture
-Changed night tables texture
-Changed the crafting for ghost and ebony wood
-Changed the ebony trapdoor texture
-The candy corn recipe now gives 3 instead of 6 candy corn
-Free soul sand is more common

-Bubble emitter is now craftable
-Presents didn't drop items in their inventory when broken
-Fixed some walls not connecting
-Changed the name of some recipes and textures
-Fixed the enderman paper lantern texture
-Fixed the names shown in some weapon rack descriptions
-Some crimson and warped blocks were flammable
-Some blocks wouldn't break faster with an axe
-Some blocks had the wrong color on the map
-Fixed the model of colored trash cans
-Some other small bugfixes