Decoration and Furniture

Published by Skart2007 on Fri, 04/01/2022 - 23:55
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Decoration and Furniture is a mod that adds over 500 blocks to the game, some items, 2 structures and even some food, you can use this mod to build maps or just in your survival world

This mod can be used for servers and modpacks

Currently, this mod isn't getting updated frequently because of some real life problems, lack of interest and a lack of time, but I'll try to update it, even if updates are really small and take a long time, I'm sorry for that


This is what the mod adds up to the newest version:

-A lot of furnitures, like tables, desks, chairs, wardrobes, etc

-More of bricks and new variants of bricks, like crimson and warped mossy bricks or brick columns

-A lot of small decorations

-Halloween themed items

-New light blocks, like candles or paper lanterns

-Carved melons and more carved pumpkins

-More types of flowerpots

-New plants

-Some new tools

-2 Structures, one spawning in the end and one in the overworld

-A few advancements

-Other small things not listed here

-English and Spanish translations, maybe someday a French translation

Modification files
Decoration+Mod+1.6+(Ver+1.16.5).jar - The latest version for 1.16.5Uploaded on: 04/01/2022 - 23:55   File size: 7.53 MB
Decoration+Mod+ - The latest version for 1.17.1Uploaded on: 04/01/2022 - 23:55   File size: 6.29 MB
Decoration Mod 1.8 (Ver 1.18.2).jar - The latest version for 1.18.2Uploaded on: 06/27/2022 - 19:12   File size: 8.04 MB

Changelog 1.7

-IMPORTANT: Most items/blocks ids have been changed, so if you have an existing world with this mod, do NOT update the mod, if you do so, most blocks will disappear, be careful


-Added 1.18.2 support Additions:

-Added shulker shell blocks and shulker shells with a chest

-Added wraps

-Added presents

-Added some ginger related items

-Added variants for deepslate, blackstone and other bricks

-Added deepslate brick columns

-Added glow squid paper lantern

-Added copper ingot piles

-Added red candy canes and blocks

-Added a new igloo structure where you can find ginger

-Added azalea leaves and flowers


-Renamed the tab "Halloween" to "Seasonal"

-Changed the names of some items

-Updated the Spanish translation

-Changed the cardboard box texture

-Changed the chiseled diorite bricks texture

-Changed the model of brick piles in the inventory

-Redesigned the overworld monuments (The structures spawning on the overworld)

-Removed some recipes


-Fixed a bug where you could duplicate iron

-Gardening shears sometimes did the wrong sound when used

-Jack o'lanterns were called jack'o lanterns, changed that

-Carved pumpkins, carved melons and jack o'lanterns didn't drop an item when broken by hand

-Some blocks had an incorrect harvest level

-Warped stools didn't drop an item when destroyed

-Fixed paper lanterns having a human model

-Columns are now waterloggable

-Fixed some other bugs


Changelog 1.7.1

-Added melon and pumpkin brick walls
-Added recipes for Jack o'Lanterns

-Changed the recipe from the traffic cones: Now you get 2 instead of 8 cones
-Ebony and ghost planks can now craft sticks

-Fixed the "Wait, that's ilegal" achievement (You could get it by being in the overworld)
-Azalea leaves and flowers were in the wrong place while in creative inventory
-Added recipes for circular traffic signals
-Added recipes for bonsai pots
-Added some missing recipes
-Fixed some recipes
-Removed some duplicated recipes
-Fixed the ebony wardrobe description and recipes