Bricks N' Blocks

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Bricks N' Blocks is a mod all about adding in new building blocks.

Currently, this mod has 1518 mod elements

It adds 717 new blocks to the game.



Video Showcase of the mod:


What does this mod add?

This mod adds blocks basically. All of the blocks are craftable. Many of which require the Stonecutter to make.



This mod adds in colored cobblestone, stone, and stonebrick.

The colors include: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, Purple, Orange, and Cyan colored variants of the different stones.

This mod also has colored Diorite.

It has Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Cyan, and Red diorite and polished diorites.

This mod also adds in Sandstone Bricks and Red Sandstone Bricks


Biome Stones:

New stone variants that include:

Jungle, forest, plains, dark forest, spruce, snowy, mountain, birch, swamp, desert, and mushroom.

These all come with stairs, slabs, walls, bricks, brick stairs, brick slabs, and brick walls.



This mod adds in dyed wood planks.

These include: Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange, and Purple.

Now there is also a door for each of these.

Dragons Blood Tree with all its wood stuff.


Decoration Crafting Tables:

New decorative crafting tables without any functionality. 



This mod adds a few plants as well.

They include: Blue Rosebush(glitchy), Small Cactus, Pencil Plant, glowshroom, and Red and Blue Lily of the Valleys, Light blue Rose, Fish Hook Plant, Agave, Lobster Claw, Jungle Orchid, Anthorium, Snake Plant, Cyan Flower, Rafflesia Arnoldii


Magma Blocks:

This mod adds Blue, Green, and Purple Magma Blocks. It also has a stone magma block.



This mod adds in Purple, Black, White, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, and Yellow Primarine Bricks. It also has Darker Prismarine as well.



This mod adds in Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Purple, Black, White, Pink, and Cyan Glowstone and Redstone Lamps.



This mod adds in a new ore: Ruthumarine. It comes with its own brick, block, ingot, armor, and tools. It is slightly better than diamond.

Now has 2 more brick variants.


Netherrack/ Netherbrick:

This mod adds in Blue, Purple, Orange, White, Green, Black, Pink, and Yellow Netherracks.

To go with this, there is also Blue, Purple, Orange, Green, White, Black, Pink, and Yellow Netherbricks



The regular bricks in this mod include: Iron, Diamond, Gold, Emerald, Blue, Black, Cyan, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow Bricks.


Stone Bricks:

Added many new types of stone bricks(not including dyed ones)

-Andesite, Granite, and Diorite stone bricks.

-Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Emerald stone bricks.

-Clay, prismarine, cobblestone stone bricks



-Blue, Black, Red, Purple, Pink, Green, Yellow, White, Orange, Cyan

These all have their own stair, brick, and slab.


Dye Bricks:

-Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Cyan, Lime, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Brown, Light Blue, Magenta, Black, Gray, Light Gray, and White

These all have their own stair, slab, and wall.



Every color of glass now has a stair, slab, trapdoor, and door


Honeycomb Blocks:

There are now colored honeycomb blocks. They include: Blue, Black, Green, White, Cyan, Purple, Pink, and Red.


Asphalt Production:

You are now able to make Asphalt. This requires an Asphalt Filter, petroleum, and Aggregate.

Use the asphalt filter while swimming in the petroleum to get asphalt cement. This is combined with aggregate to create asphalt.

Asphalt gives you a speed boost upon standing on it.



New biome: Dragons Blood Forest

contains the dragons blood tree.


All of these blocks are obtainable in Survival. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments!

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Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
bricksnblocks1.1.0.jar - V 1.1.0(Outdated)2.3 MB
BricksNBlocks1.2.0.jar - V 1.2.0(Outdated)3.28 MB
BricksNBlocks1.2.5.jar - V 1.2.5(Outdated)3.46 MB
BricksNBlocks1.3.jar - V 1.3.0(Current)4.08 MB

V 1.0.0

-Release version of the mod.

V 1.1.0

-Added several new items, blocks, and a fluid. Also, DOORS!

V 1.2.0

-Added over 100 new blocks + several plants + a biome

V 1.2.5

-Added some new stone bricks, updated Ruthumarine Brick Texture, some other stuff.

V 1.3.0

-Some changes, BIG FEATURE: Biome Stones + brick variants for them.

Nice mod :)
I think it would get more downloads if you used the screenshot showing the blocks as the main image (while also writing a title there)

Cool mod, Your logo says Rick's and Blocks though i suggest shrinking the picture a bit

great mod! some suggestions (the rest of the elements are perfect):

- coloured stones, diorite, magma blocks, prismarine, glowstone, netherrack, nether brick. these are all meant to be a specific colour, and some aren't that great for building.
- ruthumarine. it's incredibly generic, maybe add a quirk to it?

great job with the asphalt! it's a nice concept, i just don't really think it should give a speed boost.

Looks good, although I would suggest making original textures for custom blocks (not like teal bricks or purple diorite and things like that, those are fine.), I just mean for like blocks that aren't recoulours of bricks or diorite, because recoulors just look a little low-effort imo.