Vertical Slabs (all Slabs +more)

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In development
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Vertical Slabs this was a low effort mod for you

It has all Vanilla Slabs Plus More

it has:

-All Wood Slabs





-Mossy Cobblestone


->Patch 1.2<-

-Nether Brick


-End Brick

Please comment with Suggestions


Modification files
VerticalSLabs.jar - Vertical Slabs Version 1.084.9 KB
Vertical SLabs.jar - Vertical Slabs Version 1.191.49 KB
VerticalSlabs 1.2.jar - Vertical Slabs Version 1.2119.26 KB

Nice mod, even if there already are many ones which do the same thing (and are in this website)

Actually no problem (that we are 3 to done it in 3 month), but the problem is the orientation of the side texture of the slabs... but nice ;)