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Ever wanted more Colored Wool, Planks, Stained Glass instead of the 16 main colors and 5 plank types? Well Don't worry! Because MacaoBlocks Adds 31 new wool/plank/stained glass colors. you can make amazing builds with these colored blocks!

But this Mod is more than just colored blocks, It even adds 3 more barrel types (Unopenable), Weather/Time/Difficulty control blocks, Mud, Green & Black screen blocks, 7 Flowers, The Cursor block, Quick Sand/Red sand/Gravel, Info block, A new dimension, Grayscale Cobblestone Damage & Heal Blocks!

MacaoBlocks Is a mod that adds unique and 100+ colorful blocks to your world.

/!\ You need Forge version 40.1.0 for this mod to work!

This Mod may contain some errors and bugs.

MacaoBlocks Is a mod that adds unique and 100+ colorful blocks to your world.

A new dimension is here!, Make a Portal Frame But with Yellow Wool, Ignite it with the "Narzol dimension igniter" (Not craft-able yet sadly.), And now enjoy the dimension, It Now Has Colored Backpacks! Sadly not craft-able yet.

The listed blocks are here:

  1. Empty Barrel (Just for decoration.)
  2. Fish Barrel  (Just for decoration.)
  3. Water Barrel  (Just for decoration.)
  4. Lava Barrel  (Just for decoration.)
  5. Green Screen  (Just for decoration.)
  6. Black Screen  (Just for decoration.)
  7. Info Block  (Just for decoration.)
  8. Grayscale Cobblestone (Just for decoration.)
  9. Paeonia (Just for decoration.)
  10. Paeonia (Updated, Just for decoration.)
  11. Buttercup (Just for decoration.)
  12. Pink Daisy (Just for decoration.)
  13. Mud Bucket (Functions like Water, Just for decoration.)
  14. Mud Bucket (Updated, Functions like Water, Just for decoration)
  15. Cursor (Just for decoration.)
  16. Quick Sand (Functions like cobweb)
  17. Quick Red Sand (Functions like cobweb)
  18. Quick Gravel (Functions like cobweb)
  19. Damage Block (Will make entity take damage when it is on top of the block)
  20. Heal Block (Will make entity heal when it is on top of the block)
  21. Macao Minerals and ores (Must get through commands)
  22. Abbey White Wool
  23. 3 Haunia Flowers
  24. Absolute Zero Blue Wool
  25. Abstract White Wool
  26. Acadia White Wool
  27. Acid Wash Jeans Blue Wool
  28. Acorn Brown Wool
  29. Acoustic White Wool
  30. Admiral Blue Wool
  31. Aegean Blue Wool
  32. Aero Blue Wool
  33. Aesthetic Yellow Wool
  34. Affair Purple Wool
  35. African Violet Wool
  36. Agate Blue Wool
  37. Aged Copper Brown Wool
  38. Air Force Blue Wool
  39. Air Force Blue (RAF) Wool
  40. Air Superiority Blue Wool
  41. Airbnb Red Wool
  42. Aircraft White Wool
    And 100+ More...


Q: Am I allowed to: put this mod on my modpack?

A: Yes. if you credit me (DrannaMTalt)

Q: Am I allowed to: modify the mod files/Upload it somewhere else/Mirror?

A: Modifying the mod files, Uploading it somewhere else and mirroring is prohibited, so No.


This Mod contains textures of the Geometrical Pack.

Modification files
MacaoBlocks-0.0.1a.jar - MacaoBlocks 0.0.1aUploaded on: 03/27/2023 - 07:15   File size: 631.41 KB
MacaoBlocks-0.0.2a.jar - MacaoBlocks 0.0.2aUploaded on: 03/29/2023 - 10:54   File size: 1.7 MB

03/26/2023 (0.0.1a) 

  • First version

03/29/2023 (0.0.2a) 

  • Added Colored Wood Slabs, Stairs, Panels And tiles.
  • Added a new color: "Haunia Purple" (Made up).
  • Added Colored  Backpacks.
  • Added Time, Weather and Difficulty controllers.
  • Added a "Furniture" Tab.
  • Added "Narzol" Dimension.
  • Added New Grasss Block And Dirt Block: Narzol.
  • Added "Blood Block" ("iT'S a KiDs GaMe!")
  • Added Pile of papers Block
  • Added Stacks of papers Block
  • Added "Narzol Portal Igniter"
  • Added 1 New Dye