Mineral Overhaul: Shellstone & Tuff

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A decorative mod with a few other immersive shenanigans.

Adds a new block called Shellstone, which can be turned into polished or tiles, new tuff variants, and some items similar to the Goat Horn

Eventually, this will be an addon for an upcoming mod called Mineral Overhaul, a large expansive mod that upgrades Minecraft's mineral progression.



Most blocks like Tuff Tiles/Hardened Tuff will be crafted with the stonecutter to avoid compatibility issues


ShellstoneRaw Shellstone



the new Raw Shellstone block will spawn near beaches and can be right-clicked with an axe to harvest its shells and turn into a pearly stone.

Raw Shellstone can also be obtained with lily pads, kelp, sand, and seagrass.




A few tuff variants have been added, You can make these in the Stonecutter with normal tuff.




Sometimes obtained by cleaning Raw Shellstone with an axe.

Plays some familiar sounds

Can be used as an Armour Trim material for a sandy aesthetic.

Shell Template

Shell Template

The shell template can be used with Seashells to get a new design

Shell Armour

Covering almost all of the armour, the Shell Template can only be used with Seashells. As that

could cause some issues with figuring out what other players wear

Netherite Cutlass (Cosmetic)

Netherite Cutlass

The Netherite Cutlass Cosmetic Item can be obtained by crafting a Netherite Sword together with a Nautilus Shell. However, it can also be right-clicked or shift-clicked to play a few sounds (works with shields). It has the same properties as the Netherite Sword.


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Molt.jar - Supports 1.20-1.20.4Uploaded on: 02/24/2024 - 05:11   File size: 224.86 KB