Shattered World Limits

Published by __SK__ on Sun, 12/12/2021 - 22:25
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod extends the height and depth vanilla limitations. Always wanted to build beyond the 256, 320, or 512 height marker? ... well now you can go 1024 blocks up. What about going deep below the bedrock barrier?, in creative mode you can go beyond the bedrock, and build an impressive dark world 511 blocks below without leaving the overworld. while in the void, you will be able to see the sun, but there in no ambient light (must place torches, etc).


This is a quick demo from top height to the new depths of your world. Look at the highlighted areas.




Have fun!


Will not work on 1.16.x or below

As of today, V2 (and up) is not Optifine-friendly - UPDATE - This might be permanent

Cause: Flickers when it exceeds 256 blocks in height.

Q : But, why does it flickers below Y 256 using this mod?

A: The altitude is not measured from Y 0 to Y 256, it starts from the bedrock floor up. In this mod's V2+ the bedrock floor is at Y -511, meaning - from Y -511 to Y -255 your screen will not flicker. Anything above that point (Y -256 to Y 1024) is not Optifine friendly. 

Modification files
__SK_'s New World Height - V1-1.17.1.jar - initial release - fully functional4.92 KB
__SK_'s Shattered World Limits - V2-1.17.1_0.jar - Added a naturally generated oversized structure. It will spawn in the desert.1.37 MB
__SK_'s Shattered World Limits - V4-1.17.1.jar - Added Noodle caves and ores to generate from Y -511 up467.65 KB

Well, the world height and depth is coding. It is I flaw I saw in 1.17 code (might work in 1.18), which gives access to 1536 up/down elevation blocks (anything higher will crash the game) - you can distribute them however you want in the Y axis. Can be done with MCreator, but not with procedures (it is all coding - some graphic issues with Optifine). The oversized structures, I did them in-game, exported them as schematic, passed them thru several programs to return them as one *.nbt (structure blocks won't help, they have 48x48x48 limitation), and then force them with a procedure that @Chewdog explained in his YT videos and a necessary delay @woodcreatures told me some time ago for a different structure. It was impossible to come up with all that by myself.

You ever just wake up and decide, "Yeah, I will break Minecraft's build limits using MCreator today!" I'm assuming yes, cause you did it lmao.

It have experimental settings but sounds cool to me to break world height limits.