Adventurer's Toolkit 1.9

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Break out of the fourth wall of Adventure Map Building with this new mod in the making!

This mod will add in many props, items, blocks that will enhance the ability to make many adventures based on the RPG/Fantasy tales. I am aiming for this to be a very successful way to make better adventures come to life.


36 Stone Presets


Wood Presets

Basic Weapons


I am also taking ideas/requests from the community to add more stuff to make this even bigger. So please, if you have a block/item you want me to add, please send me it here and ill be sure to add it for ya. Mostly this mod is for everyone to get together to make the biggest adventure map making tools out there.



1.0.1: Minor block fix to Stone Preset 19. Now should sound like rock and stone. 

1.0.2: Minor bug found in compiling the mod. Should be fixed now.


I have been getting a couple requests from other users in the community and have been added. if you haven't seen the requsted block/items you made, I am either working on it still or it aint matching the style for this mod.

Modification files
advtoolkit1.0.21.9.jar - Adventurer's Toolkit-Blocks v1.0.2Uploaded on: 07/16/2016 - 03:20   File size: 621.86 KB

you're still working on wood presets so that's good but i would like to see place-able horse carriages like pilgrims used that matches the theme also maybe random part like the wooden wheel from the carriage if possible some round doors like hobbit home styled doors if you can figure that out then theyd be dyeable the 16 MC colors or you know what man you got this your mods gonna be great