Mushroom Quest

Published by Rukusu on Fri, 11/01/2019 - 04:55
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What is it?
The Mushroom Quest mod is exactly what it sounds like; you go on an adventure and forage for various mushrooms! There are currently 7 different organic structures that you can find and break to receive random mushrooms that grow specific to that environment. There are common, rare and mythical mushrooms! While I do plan on updating this mod more there are currently 110+ different mushrooms, 11 magical items, and 354 mod elements! Some future updates you can look forward to is that I plan on adding tons of more potions, magical items and a Mushroom Island renovation! I personally love exploring nature and foraging so I hope you will enjoy my first mod!

Starter Advice:

The 7 biome specific organic structures are as listed; Willow Trees grow in mixed forests and swamps, Birch Trees grow in mixed forests and birch forests, Redwood Trees grow in extreme hills and taigas, Baobab Trees grow in savannahs and jungles, overgrown rocks can be found in extreme hills and fields, Yggdrasil Saplings are found in Secret Grottoes, and Shrumps are found in every forest and plains biome.

All mushrooms are edible, and a lot of the mushrooms give you either medicinal or deadly effects when eaten so take caution!

Some of the mushrooms can be used as dyes, fuel and crafting materials! So, put your mushrooms in the crafting table to see if they produce something! - This is the link to see all crafting recipes! - This is the link to see all mythical mushrooms, a full list of all mushrooms will be uploaded later.

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Mushroom Quest 1.12.2 - v1.5.jar - Mushroom Quest_v1.5_1.12.2936.87 KB
Mushroom Quest 1.12.2 - v1.4.jar - Mushroom Quest_v1.4_1.12.2886.37 KB
Mushroom Quest 1.12.2 - v.1.1.jar - Mushroom Quest_v1.1_1.12.2643.28 KB

Version 1.1: WITCH-Y UPDATE

  • Added 4 new potions
  • Mortar and Pestle, it is used to make the potions in the crafting table.
  • 5 new mushrooms
  • Witch's Mansion and Witch's Urn, this structure is found in roofed forests and swamps. Inside this structure aren't chests but Witch's Urns that drops randomized potion/ alchemy loot. It does contain common, rare and legendary loot, an example of legendary loot is Dragon's Breath.
  • Secret Grotto and Yggdrasil Sapling, the secret grotto generates in birch and regular forests, roofed forests, swamps, and jungles. Within the secret grotto is the Yggdrasil Sapling which is a new organic structure that has a high chance to drop mythical mushrooms and various other special fungi.
  • Glowstool, a tall, glowing mushroom used as decoration.

  • 1 new potion - The Last Resort, only use it if your in a dangerous situation!
  • Charm of Blessings, grants regeneration and fire resistance as well as causing pink spines to fall from the sky around you, impaling surrounding enemies.
  • Redwood Brier, this structure is found in all taiga biomes and contains the Yggdrasil Sapling along with some other cool decor blocks.
  • 4 new mushrooms
  • A whole Advancement tree, contains 10 achievements!

  • 1 new weapon - The Glowshroom Bow
  • 5 new mushrooms - just because.
  • Glowshroom Hollow, this structure is a giant dark oak tree trunk with a secret underground area inside it. It is found in every forest biome except birch. Inside contains all of the glowshroom blocks and some organic structures!
  • Whole bunch of new decoration blocks, added multi-colored glowshrooms, glowstool block, and mushroom stem block.
  • New organic structure - The Shrump, a small mound of dirt and grass that grows in all forests and plain biomes, contains specific mushroom types.
  • 2 new achievements!

Version 1.4: MINOR UPDATE
  • Some bug fixes and minor game play improvements.
  • 3 new mushrooms - Because I decided every update will add more mushrooms, also they don't have any purpose right now but trust me they will.
  • 2 new achievements!

Version 1.5: SPLASH UPDATE
  • Necessary bug fixes so that organic structures no longer duplicate themselves upon breaking, now to fairly retrieve the structure you need to right click it.
  • Added 3 splash potions!

  • A lot of people mentioned there was a problem with the structure spawning and they were right, the spawning ratio was set way higher than I intended so I fixed it so they spawn more rare now.
  • I wanted to try out modeling so I made a new mushroom block and a new mob called the Spore. So originally I wanted to make them both blocks but they turned into big blobs of black and purple as JSON models, however they worked perfectly fine as mob models so they are both actually entities.
  • Along with the new models spawning in Mushroom Islands; ferns, and grasses are added to this biome to give it more life!
  • This will be the last update before the big v2.0 update!!!