Mushroom Quest

Published by Rukusu on Fri, 11/01/2019 - 04:55
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Welcome to Mushroom Quest! This mods concept revolves around foraging for various real world fungi while you set forth on an adventure to explore mystical and otherworldly lands. This mod has 670 mod elements and everything about it is listed below. Hope you enjoy my first mod!

Over 130 Mushrooms!

There are exactly 134 mushrooms you can forage for. Each mushroom is either common, rare or mythical rarity. All mushrooms are edible and most can give you either medicinal or deadly effects when eaten. Some mushroom can also be used in crafting recipes or as fuel! You find these mushrooms by breaking various organic structures across the world. 

  • Willow Trees, and Oak Stumps are found in swamps, roofed and mixed forests.
  • Birch Trees, and Birch Trunks are found in birch forests.
  • Field Trunks, Verdant Rocks, and Shrumps are found in field biomes and rarely forests. (Shrumps have Mushroom Island variants)
  • Baobab Trees, and Acacia Stumps are found in tropical biomes especially the savanna.
  • Jungle Trunks are found in jungle biomes.

The Mycopedia is a book that contains information about all the mushrooms! It includes the fungi's: Edibility, Location, Rarity, and Usage.

You can use Growth Meld to farm mushrooms and other plants! Right-clicking it on certain blocks will produce certain things!

  • Moist Soil - Various Mushroom Island plants.
  • Farmland - Some decorative plants, and possibly a Tree depending on the biome.
  • Log - Depending on the log there is a chance it will turn into a corresponding Trunk or Stump.

Mushroom Island Renovation!


This mod also adds a whole Mushroom Island biome expansion! There are tons of new structures, alien plant life, and unidentified creatures! There are structures that contain loot, decorations, materials, and more! You can explore this new fungal land and gain experience as an adventurer until you're ready to face off against the new boss: The Woodlot Reaper! You can find this terrifying fungal monstrosity in the Gloomy Cavern which is rarely found. 
An important item is the Stasis Spore, it can be rarely dropped from killing big Jellyshroom. If you right-click this spore onto mycelium it will start to grow. Be careful because it has a chance to break upon collision. When fully grown it acts like a turret, it periodically releases stunning pulses that affect all mobs except players. When the fully grown plant is right clicked on it will grant buffs to all surrounding players but this ability will destroy the plant. 

Some of the creatures you may encounter include:

  • Jellyshroom - Fungal jellyfish that float around. Small ones paralyze the player while big ones grants buffs to surrounding creatures.
  • Shrump Beast - A mass of mushrooms and earth that attacks the player. It has a chance to drop many random mushrooms.
  • Parasitic Snail - A large snail that secretes a poisonous slime behind it. However, they are not hostile.
  • Decomposer - This is a big grub that loves to feed on rotting flesh. When give rotten flesh, bones, or various plants it will convert them into bone meal or growth meld. It can be tamed using Alluring Powder.
  • Funglings - Small mushroom creatures that can be tamed using Alluring Powder or their respective mushroom. They don't do anything but look cute!
  • Burrow Worm - A terrifying worm monster that ambushes entities if they get too close!

Additional Information:

The Witch Mansion, and the Secret Grotto are the only two structures not found in the Mushroom Island.

The Witch Mansion is found in swamps, birch forests, and roofed forests. It contains evil witches and their cats, along with their Witch's Urns that contain various tiered alchemy loot. On the side of the mansion is a greenhouse, this area contains some organic structures and many decorational blocks/plants.

The Secret Grotto is a tall tree with hanging lanterns, it is found throughout swamps, plains, and forests. Underneath the tree is the Yggdrasil Sapling, a rare organic structure which can drop every mythical tiered mushroom!

This mod also contains many new potions, magical items, and gear. There are many, MANY crafting recipes in this mod so it is highly recommended that you use the JEI mod. The discovery of mystical nature is the highlight of this mod, so to influence adventure there is a whole tree of achievements to complete!

If you are interested in seeing more of my content then please follow my Twitter account!

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Version 1.1: WITCH-Y UPDATE

  • Added 4 new potions
  • Mortar and Pestle, it is used to make the potions in the crafting table.
  • 5 new mushrooms
  • Witch's Mansion and Witch's Urn, this structure is found in roofed forests and swamps. Inside this structure aren't chests but Witch's Urns that drops randomized potion/ alchemy loot. It does contain common, rare and legendary loot, an example of legendary loot is Dragon's Breath.
  • Secret Grotto and Yggdrasil Sapling, the secret grotto generates in birch and regular forests, roofed forests, swamps, and jungles. Within the secret grotto is the Yggdrasil Sapling which is a new organic structure that has a high chance to drop mythical mushrooms and various other special fungi.
  • Glowstool, a tall, glowing mushroom used as decoration.

  • 1 new potion - The Last Resort, only use it if your in a dangerous situation!
  • Charm of Blessings, grants regeneration and fire resistance as well as causing pink spines to fall from the sky around you, impaling surrounding enemies.
  • Redwood Brier, this structure is found in all taiga biomes and contains the Yggdrasil Sapling along with some other cool decor blocks.
  • 4 new mushrooms
  • A whole Advancement tree, contains 10 achievements!

  • 1 new weapon - The Glowshroom Bow
  • 5 new mushrooms - just because.
  • Glowshroom Hollow, this structure is a giant dark oak tree trunk with a secret underground area inside it. It is found in every forest biome except birch. Inside contains all of the glowshroom blocks and some organic structures!
  • Whole bunch of new decoration blocks, added multi-colored glowshrooms, glowstool block, and mushroom stem block.
  • New organic structure - The Shrump, a small mound of dirt and grass that grows in all forests and plain biomes, contains specific mushroom types.
  • 2 new achievements!

Version 1.4: MINOR UPDATE
  • Some bug fixes and minor game play improvements.
  • 3 new mushrooms - Because I decided every update will add more mushrooms, also they don't have any purpose right now but trust me they will.
  • 2 new achievements!

Version 1.5: SPLASH UPDATE
  • Necessary bug fixes so that organic structures no longer duplicate themselves upon breaking, now to fairly retrieve the structure you need to right click it.
  • Added 3 splash potions!

  • A lot of people mentioned there was a problem with the structure spawning and they were right, the spawning ratio was set way higher than I intended so I fixed it so they spawn more rare now.
  • I wanted to try out modeling so I made a new mushroom block and a new mob called the Spore. So originally I wanted to make them both blocks but they turned into big blobs of black and purple as JSON models, however they worked perfectly fine as mob models so they are both actually entities.
  • Along with the new models spawning in Mushroom Islands; ferns, and grasses are added to this biome to give it more life!
  • This will be the last update before the big v2.0 update!!!

  • A whole new Mushroom Island Expansion!
  • New and re-modeled organic structures!
  • New and redone structures/schematics!
  • 1 new boss called the Woodlot Reaper!
  • Added 16 new mushrooms to collect.
  • 17 new blocks and plants.
  • 9 new mobs.
  • 4 new achievements.
  • 2 new tools/weapons

  • Remodeled the Shroomfolk mob
  • Remade the Shroomfolk Village structure
  • Added 3 new armor pieces: The Spewshroom Hat (3 variants)
  • Added stairs, slabs, fences, and trapdoors for Fungal Planks.
  • Adjusted structure spawning
  • Adjusted some elements to acknowledge 1.15.2 aspects

Version 2.2: BUGFIX
  • Fixed a bug where the Spewshroom Hats would delete any helmet the player was currently wearing.
  • Decreased hostile mob spawn rates on the Mushroom Island
  • Decreased the drop rates from Shrumps
  • Added 2 new mushroom, just because :D

Version 2.3: Knowledge Update
  • Increased Mushroom Island structure spawns
  • Added 2 new mushrooms
  • Added the Mycopedia - A guide to all wild fungi!
  • Added Amanita Funglings - they are found in Mushroom Islands and Roofed Forests, and they will follow you when holding their respective mushroom!

Version 2.4: Expansion Update
  • Added 5 new plants/blocks to the Mushroom Island
  • Added Fungal Doors, Fence Gates, and Bookshelves. As well as better Fungal Wood recipes.
  • Added 4 new mobs: The Burrow Worm, Wine Cap Fungling, Morel Fungling, and Chicken Fungling.
  • Some creatures can now be tamed! Creatures are tamed using Alluring Powder, the creatures that can be tamed are: Decomposer, and all the Funglings.
  • Added Growth Meld, a new way to farm for mushrooms and various plants.
  • Some new structures to improve Mushroom Island ambiance.
  • Retextured and remodeled some blocks and items
  • Custom blocks were conflicting with some Shaders, especially Sildurs Enhanced Default. That is now fixed!

I suggest you to submit for the MOTW because it is a very nice mod. It has a real good potential if you work hard on it.