Volcano Mod

Published by quethed on Sat, 09/08/2018 - 00:46
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Guide Text:

  When a volcano empty shaft spawns,
  it will place another below (exept
  for a few unbreakable blocks).
  They will randomly turn on and off.
  When a volcano is on, it will:
   - Place chunky lava above
   - Place poorly made
   smoke above that
   - Can be stopped by placing a block
   in its way (even torches)
  The lava will:
   - Harden into snowflake obsidian
   that hardens to vanilla stone
   - Pour very poorly

  Obsidian Pickaxe:
  Can break the top
  and inactive shaft
  Lava Collector:
  If chunky lava is above, it
  will move it to the
  bottom as vanilla lava

   - Note that snowflake obsidian
   will harden into another shaft
   if over a shaft
   - Note that snowflake obsidian
   is the same as obsidian in stats
   - Note that player placed
   snowflake obsidian is decorative
   - Note that I wanted the lava to
   be a liquid, but liquids don't
   scan flowing blocks
   - Note that I was lazy with
   the snowflake obsidian
   pickaxe and lava
   collector textures



Volcanoes don't naturally spawn (because I want to leave that to you (with other mods, like ruins))

Planned to be a part of QMM (Quethed's Misc Mod)

Guide has no recipe

You can use this in a mudpack (recommended use with TConstruct)

Modification files
Volcanoes V1.0+.zip - Initial ReleaseUploaded on: 09/08/2018 - 00:54   File size: 480.74 KB

Initial Release

Nice mod
If you include images showing all the stages of the volcano it will get more downloads :)