Glass Expansion

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This mod adds new stairs, slabs, doors and trapdoors for normal glass and even all stained glass colors. It adds more than 60 new glass based building materials, and more will come in the future. Use these blocks for extra decoration and more modern looks, and even skylights in your Minecraft house or base.

New blocks Currently (All 16 stained glass colors and regular glass).

  • Stairs
  • Slabs
  • Doors 
  • Trapdoors


  • Doors and trapdoors made with glass panes of corresponding color.
  • Stairs  and slabs made with solid glass blocks like vanilla, stairs yields 8 like my other mods.
  • 4 shards of a color can be made into a glass block.

Glass Shards

The mod also adds shards of any glass color. They are dropped when a glass block is broken. Full glass blocks drop 2-4 shards of their color. Stairs drop 3 shards, slabs drop 2 shards and panes drop 1 shard of  their corresponding color if stained. Silk touch no longer works on glass and it always drops shards. Doors drop 2 shards and trapdoors drop 1 shard of the corresponding color if stained. 4 shards can be made back into 1 glass block of the corresponding color, if stained. 


Upcoming (Planned Features)

  • Framed glass (will be made with iron ingots and will be able to be stained or made into stairs, slabs or panes.  Will have stronger blast resistance.
  • Tiled glass (will be made with 9 glass blocks) and will be for decorative purposes and have stairs, slabs and panes. Can be stained.
  • Obsidian glass (will be made with obsidian and glass) and will have the same blast resistance as obsidian and have stairs, slabs, panes, doors and trapdoors) Unlike other variants, can't be stained.


~MOJANG STUDIOS for the vanilla glass textures used on the stairs and slabs.


Modification files
Glass-1.0.0-1.15.2.jar - First release of the mod.Uploaded on: 08/21/2020 - 23:08   File size: 475.78 KB


~ Released the mod for the first time

~Added glass doors

~Added glass trapdoors

~Added glass stairs

~Added glass slabs

~Added glass shards

~Added glass crafting recipes.

~Added stained variants for all of the above.