Published by Sonic12lol on Fri, 05/27/2022 - 20:13
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This mod adds a whole bunch of Anime Items to your minecraft world

Currently Adds 10 Decorative Items (2 of wich you can wear),1 Standard Item and 1 Food item


Dragon Ball: Used to craft the dragon balls item

.Dragon Ball Recipe

Dragon Balls: You can place these down after you collect 7 dragon balls

Dragon Balls Recipe

Ninja Headband: You can place this down, or place it on a crafting grid to turn it into a version you can wear (This also work the other way around)


Ninja Headband Recipe

Wearable Headband Recipe

Sukuna's Finger: It opens up when you place it down.

Sukuna's Finger Recipe

Hunter License: You can place this down but it doesnt do much else

Hunter License Recipe

Chappy Dispenser: If you have any sugar in your inventory, right click it to get a soul candy

Chappy Dispenser Recipe

All Might Figure: A pretty cool lookin action figure

All Might Figure Recipe

Duel Disk: Looks Cool but doesnt do anything for now

Duel Disk recipe

Gomu Gomu No Mi: Only Obtainable from a Master Fisherman, doesnt do anything

GomuGomuNoMi Trade

Dio's Diary: Obtainable by trading with a Master Cleric

Dio Diary Trade

Tanjiro's Earrings: You can place them down or place them on a crafting grid to get a version you can wear

Tanjiro's Earrings Recipe

te recipe 2

Strawhat: You can wear this

Strawhat Recipe 1

Strawhat Recipe 2

Nezuko's Muzzle: You can wear this

Muzzle Recipe 1

Muzzle Recipe 2

Scouter: Currently only on red you can wear it

Scouter Recipe 1

Scouter Recipe 2

Yup, the mod got renamed, mostly because i found myself making more items that arent just decorative

Make sure to leave your item ideas in the comments!!

Also, i will try to update this every sunday



Modification files
Anime Decorative Items 1.0.jar - The first version of the mod, before it got renamed 1 week laterUploaded on: 05/27/2022 - 21:05   File size: 120.9 KB
ANIMANIA 1.1.jarUploaded on: 06/05/2022 - 22:10   File size: 171.77 KB

Version 1.1.0

Renamed the mod

Added Nezuko's Muzzle (Both a Block and a wearable item)

Added a Red Scouter (Both a Block and a wearable item)

Added a Strawhat (Both a Block and a wearable item)

Reworked the texture of Tanjiro's Earrings while worn