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Minecraft Forge mod
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Welcome to the official FrenchRoads mod page !

This mod aims to add all French signs, markings and road elements !


Please be tolerant with me, It's my first mod

Thanks :)


Last update :


Addition of :

Modification of :

Removal of :

Contacts :


Official Discord Server:


Personal Discord : OVERgaming_Tube#8724


Mod presentation website :


Official video presentation of the mod :


Frequently asked Questions :


Can I redistribute the mod to my friends, in a modpack, on a server or on another site?

You can redistribute the mod to your friends for private use, remembering to mention the author (OVERgaming_Tube).

For use in a modpack or on a server, please contact me on Discord: OVERgaming_Tube # 8724

As for redistribution on another site, it is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted.


Can I change the mod or textures ?


It is forbidden to modify the mod, textures or models.

Reuse of mod elements is also prohibited.

If you want to contribute to the mod through a texture pack or language file, please feel free to contact me on Discord: OVERgaming_Tube#8724 and I'll feature your work on this page.


(This mod is only in French for the moment, if you want to translate it, it is with pleasure.

This mod can be used only in creative)


Does this mod contain all French signs ?


For the moment, it contains only a tiny part, but eventually, they will all be present.

Will this mod be updated to 1.13+?

Unfortunately, this mod will not be updated to 1.13+ and will therefore remain in 1.12.2.

However, there is an equivalent mod that will be constantly updated to the most recent version:


Thanks :


- XelpyMusic for his help


- Mcreator for modding software


- BlockBench for models software

- Bertrand BOUTEILLES for most of the textures in this mod


Modification files
FrenchRoadsMod_0.jar - This is the first version of the FrenchRoads Mod! It contains approximatly 100 blocks! Enjoy !2.85 MB

Idk what to say, it might not look, but ur mod is just amazing,it something that would help city builders and cityRP players a lot!