Flower Bundle (finally updated!)

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Updates 2.0+ are mostly incompatible with the older versions (items will disappear), sorry about that!
Version 2.2.0 deletes some legacy items that were left in the previous versions

Flower Bundle is a simple modification that adds 150 plants to the game, including water lilies, cacti, fruits and much more! If you're looking for a challenge, try to collect all the new plants: get ready to travel a lot, as each plant spawns in a specific biome! So, what's in the mod?


The main focus of the mod: 150 different plants are added in the game, ranging from simple flower to more complex crops. Not all flora is the same! You'll find:

  • Growable plants: these plants can be fertilized with bonemeal and harvested
  • Snowloggable plants: you can place snow around these plants and remove it with a shovel
  • Double plants: behave exactly like the vanilla tall plants, and can be fertilized with bonemeal
  • Aquatic plants, such as water lilies, and lavatic plants, such as obsidian lily pads!
  • Effect plants: these plants can hurt you (cacti), or affect other mobs (magnet flower freezes iron golems, catnip heals cats etc.)
  • Ground-covering plants: these flowers are flat and connect to each other (no need for the connected textures mod!)
  • Hanging plants: these plants grow below blocks instead of above them
  • Mushrooms: 5 different variants, and 3 huge mushrooms! All the mushrooms can be used to craft suspicious stews!

By the way, most of these plants can be placed inside vanilla flower pots! While most flowers can be used only for dyes, some can be turned into different resources!

Plants & Resources chart
All these plants have uses other than just dye!


The mod also adds 4 different biomes, each with their own trees and plants! You can find:

  • Burnt Forests, with ashy grass and burnt trees
  • Mediterranean Woodlands, with stone pine trees
  • Autumnal Forests, with mushrooms and autumnal variations of oak/birch trees
  • Oriental Forests, with water lilies and cherry trees


Another feature is structures; some plants can only be obtained here! You can find:

  • Greenhouses in Plains, kept by herbalist villagers
  • Fairy Rings: step inside one while holding a rose and you'll be rewarded; step inside without a rose, and you'll be damned
  • Fallen trees in forests, with the occasional mushroom
  • Glowberry Dungeons, found underground, guarded by stronger zombies!


The mod includes 4 new potion effects: Volatility, Shielding, Flower Blessing and Hypothermia! Additionally, all the potions added by the mod can be prepared with a brewing stand.

All the new brewing recipes!
All the new brewing recipes added by the mod! (except for redstone / glowstone recipes)


Blocks and items

Among items, you'll find some new food, such as berries, stews and endless cookies! Another kind of items are tools: wands and boots to grow plants, parachutes for safe falling and scythes for fast harvesting!

As well as that, the mod includes many new blocks for building and decorating:

  • 3 new kinds of wood
  • 5 new dyes and related blocks
  • Plant lamps and curtains
  • Moss planters
  • Rain detectors
  • Magic teleporters
  • ...and more!


Finally, the mod adds some advancements, such as "Eat some fruit salad" and "Harvest ALL the plants!". Are you up to the challenge?


You can use the spreadsheet to find where each plant grows, but keep in mind it's not fully updated yet!

Some screenshots



Roofed forest

Snow Plains
Mediterranean Woods

Mega Taiga



Huge mushrooms
Cave plants


Modification files
flower_bundle_2.2.0.jar - Version 2.2.0 (newest)2.5 MB
flower_bundle_2.1.0_0.jar - Version MB
flower_bundle_1.3.0.jar - Version 1.3.0704.9 KB

Version 2.2.0 (03/02/2020)

  • 33 new plants (for a grand total of 150), including 5 new saplings, 3 cave plants, and more!
  • 2 new biomes: Autumnal Forest and Oriental Forest. Burnt Forests also got some minor touch-ups. You can use bonemeal in the 4 custom biomes to grow biome-specific plants!
  • Huge mushroom variants of Inky Cap, Death Cap and Indigo Milky Cap
  • Growable plants, String of Pearls, Small Lily Pads and Fairy Ring mushrooms now use blockstates. Old plant should turn into the new version automatically, when they recieve a tick update. Alternatively, you can right-click them to convert them manually.
  • This also means growable plants, String of Pearls and Small Lily Pads can now be fertilized with bonemeal!
  • Most plants can now be planted inside flower pots!
  • Custom particles! Some blocks, such as autumnal and cherry leaves, and fairies, will emit custom particles
  • New structure: fallen trees, spawning occasionally in most forests
  • Recipes are now unlocked as you play and are also grouped properly in the recipe book
  • Some new advancements! Most advancements were also moved to their own tab
  • Building blocks: cherry wood and blocks, peach dye and blocks, moss planters, huge mushroom blocks and litterfall.
  • Natural charred log is now obtainable with silk touch
  • Potions of Bad Luck
  • String of Pearls (and related blocks) can now be harvested by right-clicking with shears
  • Fairy Rings now use a custom loot table, which is affected by Potions of Luck
  • Plants were moved to their own creative tab
  • Aloe Juice is now stackable to 16
  • Fairy Teleporter now requires Silk Touch to harvest
  • Ash Grass Blocks can now be bonemealed
  • Glass changes the color of beacons
  • Made planting seeds slightly more comfortable
  • Match Flower is no longer fertilizable
  • Slightly changed some textures
  • Reduced the spawn rate of some structures
  • Removed the "item" version of some blocks (they weren't obtainable in survival anyway, so don't worry)
  • Removed some legacy items: old potions of glowing and luck, old potted string of pearls, wet skeleton flowers


Version 2.1.0

  • 10 new plants, including snowlogged and tall plants
  • Some new blocks, such as Aloe Gel Block, Glowing Blocks and Fairy Teleporter
  • A new potion effect: Hypothermia
  • Ore dictionary support
  • Various bug fixes

Version 2.0.1 (07/09/2019)

  • Lavender Dye and blocks (except for Glazed Terracotta)
  • Lime/Light Blue/Gray Reindeer Moss actually craftable
  • Can no longer mine Cream/Maroon Wool faster with pickaxes

Version 2.0 (03/09/2019)

  • Italian translation;
  • 61 new plants, including aquatic plants, moss, other plants with interesting behaviours;
  • 3 new structures: Glowberry dungeon, Greenhouse, Fairy Ring;
  • 1 new biome and tree: Mediterranean Woodland and Stone Pine trees;
  • 3 new potion effects: Volatility, Flower Blessing, Shielding;
  • 3 new tools: Glowberry Crown, Flower Parachute, Scythes (in 5 'vanilla' variants);
  • More blocks and items: granite/diorite/andesite bricks and planters, small stone bricks, cream/maroon dyes and blocks, charred/stone pine fences and fence gates, rain detector, lightbulb lamp, 1.14 dyes, mysterious stews;
  • More advancements
  • Tweaked old items: blocks are burnable and render correctly in maps, new texture for the flower wand, endless cookie is available in creative inventory, catnip applies some effects to cats/ocelots, ground-cover plants connect to each other

Version 1.3 (14/02/2019)

  • 17 new plants
  • Bunch of stuff, complete list on the website

Version 1.2

  • Barrel Cactus, Cloudberries, Prickly Pear, Lightbulb tweaks
  • 3 new advancements
  • Lightbulb blocks
  • Cattail pollen


Version 1.1

  • Added Charred Planks, Charred Wood (and natural counterpart), Mat Blocks, Lightbulb and Potions of Glowing
  • Slightly tweaked Edelweiss and Green Dahlia textures
  • Made the flower wand 100% more magical

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It looks very interresting to have all these flowers appear in the world. Makes it more dynamic and interresting...
(Btw, if you want a more interresting looking ground-covering plant, I'd suggest to use CTM [Connected Textures Mod] since it's compatible with MCreator and is very easy to use [we have tutorials on MCreator's forum for connected textures] )

You know what else would be cool? A rare kind of plant that you could break and use it's drop as a sword DIRECTLY... (the drop is the sword [It'd be like... a leaf?] )

Thanks for the feedback! I'll check out the CTM mod, but as for the sword plant, I don't think I'll add one (I'd like to keep all plants easily replantable). However I'll probably add a tool craftable with a flower.

Maybe add Bundled slimes as well... they'd be slimes that drop... flower bundles
(for a full set of weapons let's say or is a sword)
They'd also drop slime balls and they'd be more common (to provide better access to slime balls)

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week!

This one really surprised me, it's, in my opinion, one of the best mods made using MCreator ;)

I also promoted your mod on our official subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/MCreator/) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/MCreatorModMaker/).