Building Blocks

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Building Blocks ( Version 0.3.0 probably done for now)

( Im mostly done even tho it says 0.3.0 im just adding a few blocks and recipies till its done)Building Blocks is a mod that just adds blocks mainly for decoration like colored wood and more block types for already exsisting blocks like andisite diorite and granite bricks. And at this point in the mod the only new types of blocks are:


Cotswold bricks 

Colored planks 

Thatch blocks 

More obsidian blocks 



Andisite, diorite, and granite blocks

this mod works best in creative.

pls give feedback and suggestions so i can make to mod better !!!

Modification files
BuildingBlocks_1.16.5_0-1-0.jar - First Version ( oldest )Uploaded on: 05/21/2021 - 21:47   File size: 219.61 KB
BuildingBlocks_1.16.5_0-2-0.jar - Colorful Planks !Uploaded on: 05/22/2021 - 02:40   File size: 401.42 KB
BuildingBlocks_1.16.5_0-3-0_0.jar - Latest VersionUploaded on: 06/04/2021 - 00:54   File size: 489.58 KB

Added Limestone

Added Moss Blocks

Added Thatch

Added More Andisite Diorite And Granite Blocks

Added More Prismarine Blocks

Added Colored Planks

Added More Obsidian Blocks



Nice mod! It's a bit small though compared to other mods which do similar things. I like the idea of wall paper but you should make it 2D so that it isn't a full block, similar to paintings :)

Please give me feedback and suggjestions so i can make the mod better!