Brutalist's Toolkit

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Minecraft Forge mod
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The Brutalist's Toolkit is a mod for Minecraft made with the express purpose of decorating your world with strange, alien buildings. The blocks and items added so far are largely aesthetic. This mod takes heavy inspiration from the free game NaissanceE on Steam, with the primary building blocks and general aesthetic of the mod being nondescript blocks. This mod aims to look pleasing to the player in an alternative way - unlike decorated natural biomes or sprawling caves with glimmering crystals, the aim is to build a city in brutalist architecture. It is an acquired taste and I don't recommend everyone to play it, but if the details I provided so far are interesting to you, then by all means download and play it.

Currently features:

- 5 basic "Render Cubes" in different tones. You can select these tones by using the Cube Blender. These come in slab and stairs form too.

- Render Lights, crafted with Render Cubes and torches. Using a Brutalist's Wrench, you can right click a Render Light to change its light level.

- Render Glass, crafted with Render Cubes and glass (Alternatively smelted with Render Dust, which is the same recipe but with sand instead). This dark-tinted glass is compatible with CTM, allowing for connected textures and smooth windows.

- Render Gates. When right clicked, these blocks disappear for 65 ticks before reappearing, and they do the same to surrounding blocks like it. It is primarily used for doors, but by creating a long enough chain, a player may create a loop of disappearing and reappearing blocks. This can be used in machinery. Currently, Render Gates appear in Solid and Glass versions. The glass version is compatible with CTM, allowing for connected textures and smooth gates. Hopefully, if I can figure out how waterlogging works, I can make these gates allow fluids through as well as entities.

- Render Chairs and Render Tables. These are purely aesthetic at the moment and have no functionality. Soon you will be able to sit on chairs and place items on tables.

- There is a Music Disc that is only available in creative mode at the moment. It features a homage to the mod's inspiration.


Upcoming features:

- As previously mentioned: Chairs being able to be sat on and Tables being able to have items placed on them, as well as waterlogging gates.

- Station Blender, which will allow the player to turn normal useful blocks into Render versions (Render Chest, Render Anvil, etc.), allowing for a completely immersive brutalist appearance.

- Generated Ruins, which may contain chests containing building blocks (Render Cubes, Lights, Gates, etc.) as well as giving the player inspiration with its ruined architecture.

- The end-game goal will be to allow the player to enter a dimension much like the world in NaissanceE, an endless structure filled with empty cities and corridors. Along with this, more decorative blocks will be added (Such as vents and fences).


Modification files
Brutalist's Toolkit 1-15-1 v1-3.jar - 1.15.1 Version 1.33.28 MB

Original Release (v1, older version before I made an account here. No download available.)

Brutalist's Toolkit v1 for Minecraft 1.15.1

-Adds Render Cubes (Of 5 colors).

-Adds Render Lights.

-Adds Brutalist's Wrench, allowing the player to control the light levels of Render Lights.

-Adds Cube Blender, which allows the player to recolor Render Cubes.

-Adds a music disc.


New changelog (v3)

-Added Render Gates. Right-clicking these blocks will make them and all other render gate blocks around them disappear for a moment before reappearing. Intended for use as doors, but there are further possibilities. These come in 2 variants: Solid and Glass. (May eventually be able to be waterlogged to allow fluid passage when it is supported)

-Added Render Tables and Render Chairs. These are purely aesthetic and have no functionality at the moment. (Tables will be able to hold items and chairs will be able to be sat on in future updates)

-Render Dust can now be crafted with sand and render cubes. May be smelted into Render Glass.