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Hello! i'm max and this is my little project full of things every builder can find use from, I hope you enjoy


In the middle, you can see the new ore blocks! made with six cobblestone and a respected ore, under that we have a new painting and and Dirtystone, like mossy cobblestone but more dirty! to the sides we have chiseled copper and new glass doors! just above those we have giant shards of emerald, lapis, amethyst, and crimson crystals, with a block of charcoal and strange block on the sides, above those we have two new glass types! fogged and warped, with tattered wood, cardboard, wicker, and scrap metal sets above, with two containers on the sides of that, the box and the crate!

Remember that strange new block I said earlier, well that's this mods main new material, Brightite! found in the end and from endermites. it can be used to make all sorts of new lights! The Glowbulb, Glowbulb strip, Festive Lights, Sleek Light, Glow Crystal, Paper Lantern and Garden light! some new decorations has been added too, the Goblet, Incense, Cushions, and the AR, Hazard, and really cool block, ( i couldn't get the model to work on that one but its still pretty cool right?) alongside rope, similar to chains but more stringy and you can climb it!

New Plants

Next to the garden light was a strange now plant, The Hyacinth! but that's not the only new plant, there's way more! like the Aloe Vera, Lavender, Horsetail, Broom ,Blowball, Daffodil, Chrysanthemums, the Passion Flower, Clovers, Blooming Lily Pads, Lily Roots, the Glowyshroom, the Miserweed, and the Candrelle, there's also the not so alive dead leaves pebbles, and rocks! with festive leaves, ivy, Wet sand, Giant leaves and Thick sticks, plus the trellis, which can have all kinds of plants and flowers grown into them, the mosaics in the back also make a lovely garden wall! 

                                 new material sets for building

And now for the real meat and potato's of the package, all the new building sets!, what you saw earlier was just a fraction of the new blocks, previusly you may have notices some clouds above the plants, that's because you did! with the Fluff set! (top left) created with the weather machine above cloud height, it condenses them down into a solid (enough) state!, underneath is Marble! (found in the deepslate layer along with Limestone) and Limestone, this mod also includes a full Tuff, Basalt, and Dripstone set!, along with rounding out the surface stones with bricks and chiseled variants. (unlisted sets: obsidian, packed mud, dirtystone, polished and normal basalt slabs)

And that's all the main features! some more minor additions are the Mallet and Glue stick, to break/repair thing like concrete to its powder and cracked bricks to their normal brick versions, New foods, Pancakes, Steak dinner, Bacon and eggs, energy snack, sweet berry wine, beer and burn cream made from aloe blades. Whirligigs are animated propeller blocks i thought would be super useful in builds, so i hope you find creative uses for it. shoji, delftware, metal strip blocks and plaid, picnic, astro wool blocks

if you find any bugs feel free to address them in the comments, and remember to stay creative ;)

Modification files
BuildingBounty1.20.1.jar - by max, contains unique features for minecraft 1.20.1Uploaded on: 10/03/2023 - 04:04   File size: 1.53 MB