Mo' Glass

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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod adds:

- Glass Stairs

- Glass Slab

- Glass Door

- Glass Trapdoor


Planned for the future:

- Colored Glass Stairs - 100%

- Colored Glass Slab - 100%

- Colored Glass Doors - 0%

- Colored Glass Trapdoors - 100%


Known bugs:

- If you mine a double glass slab you will only get one slab back.


Fixed bugs in next Update:

- Nothing here at the moment!



- No one here at the moment!

Feel free to use this mod in Mod Packs! :D

Modification files
Mo' Glass 1.0.jar - Mo' Glass Mod 1.0 MC KB

Version 1.0

- Added Mo' Glass Creative Tab

- Added Glass Slab

- Added Glass Stairs

- Added Glass Door

- Added Glass Trapdoor

Glad to say that the update will be here pretty soon! You can see how long I have come with the new features in the mod description. The Trapdoors is done, the stairs is nearly done and the door and slabs isn't done yet but I will be making them as fast as possible :D So expect an update of the mod pretty soon! :D

OK can I just save this and what platform of the game dose this work on? OK to be honest I was demanded to build a house for a friend in the sky all glass with glass stares, door, and all class I told them it was impossible they said prove it so I did you just showed me different tho