Many Additions 3

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A year ago, I started on my first mod, Many Additions. It took a few days of texturing and developing but when I was done, I was happy and it did well. A bit later, I lost interested in it and abandoned it. Later on, I made Many Additions 2. It was a clone of MA but I end up stopping development on the mod. I didn't work on the third MA for a while until now. MA3 is now out and I am ready to work on it. Me and S_Cabbage will be working on this and making this mod the best out of all mods. I will update this description later but for right now, please check out the changelogs as that will have all of the content for the updates. 


Note: Because this is an Alpha release, it will be not fully done and it will be not survival friendly because it doesn't have the crafting recipes. Also things could change, so be careful!



Modification files
MA3_Alpha_Build_1.jar - First Alpha ReleaseUploaded on: 09/22/2022 - 20:16   File size: 448.79 KB

First Alpha Release

  • Salt and Pink Salt blocks, item, ores, and a Pink Salt Lamp.
  • Asbestos blocks, item, ore, and a fire suit.
  • Normal, Red, and Faded Checkered Tile blocks.
  • Checkered, Red Checkered, Obsidian, Recycled, and Glow Glass and Glass Pane.
  • Bubblestone, Polished Bubblestone, Bubblestone Bricks.
  • Red, Pink, Blue, and Glow Crystal and Crystal Block
  • Amber
  • Meteorite Crystal
  • Flour
  • Normal and Soul Tiki Torch
  • New Crystal Cave Biome