Many Additions 3

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I am sorry to say but MA3 is not going to receive anymore updates due to Team Inspired getting disbanded but this isn't the end for the MA Series, I have made a Reboot of the mod so, please check it out as it will be the successor for MA3.

Link to Many Additions: Reboot Edition


Many Additions 3

A mod by (formerly)Team Inspire

*Note: Once Many Additions 3 is officially out of alpha and beta. The descriptions and pictures will be overhauled!  (Also the Latest build of the mod is now for 1.19.2!)

Have you ever felt like Minecraft was lacking in content? Do you think that there aren't enough blocks or decorations for your builds? When you go caving or exploring, do you feel like there is almost nothing of interest? Do you just want more in your world? Well, Many Additions 3 is your answer to the problem. The entire point of Many Additions is that it adds almost everything you might want into Minecraft. You want more blocks? Well, you can use the new checkered tile blocks and its variants. Maybe some cool new types of glass for your builds or a new and cool Bubblestone from the crystal cravens for your builds. You want to mine new ores? You can mine the new Salt, Pink Salt, Asbestos, and more new ores. But unlike other different vanilla+ mods that just add new items for crafting recipes for vanilla items like Horse Armor and Ruby, Emerald, Obsidian, & Enderite tools, weapons and armor. We will keep updating the mod, adding more unique content and content that everyone truly wants. (We will never add Ruby or Emerald tools, weapons, and armor so please don't suggest that at all!) 


Thanks for the 1800 downloads! We are over half way to 2000 downloads! 


If you like this mod! Please leave an upvote and a comment as that shows that the mod is good and keeps up the motivation to keep on working to make it better!

MA3 is now on Curseforge! Here is the link to the MA3 Curseforge Page

If there are any bugs or mistakes in the mod, please leave a comment about it so it can be fixed!


 List of Credits for Many Additions 3

  • Pawofthewild - Lead Dev, Tester, Model Designer, Came up with most of the ideas in the mod. 
  • S_Cabbage - Texture Artist, Model Designer, Tester, Made one of the logos, Came up with some of the ideas in the mod.
  • Indecisive.Misc - Texture Artist, Tester, Model Designer.
  • Pexuls - Tester, Made one of the logos




Modification files
MA3_Beta_Build_3.jar - A big beta build in file sizeUploaded on: 12/06/2022 - 01:41   File size: 11.27 MB
MA3_Prerelease_1.19.2.jar - The PrereleaseUploaded on: 03/17/2023 - 18:00   File size: 11.53 MB
MA3_Prerelease_1.19.2_Patch.jar - A patch to the PrereleaseUploaded on: 03/18/2023 - 00:01   File size: 11.54 MB
MA3_Prerelease_1.19.2_Patch_2.jar - Another patch for PrereleaseUploaded on: 03/22/2023 - 00:59   File size: 11.58 MB


Industrial Nuclear TNT

Healing Stone 

Slick Stone 

Seeing Stone

Alloy Furnace 



Loot Bags

Fancy Sword 


Single Stand Tables 

Oil Lamps


Sandy Bricks

Steel Scrap 


Unknowium Ore

Unstable Unknowium

Obsidian Spitter (Will be readded in the next update)

Imperfect Brick Wall



Mixed Bricks

Imperfect Bricks

Cinder Bricks  (No recipe yet)

Triangle Bricks (No recipe yet)

Big Stone Bricks (No recipe yet)

Odd Checkered Tile

Sawdust Bricks

Sandstone Bricks

Layered Bricks


Block of Steel

Block of Rose Gold

Smooth Steel

Rose Gold Ingot

Blood Fruit 

Hearty Peach

New Set of Rose Gold Tools (Included in extended tools)

New Machete and Sickle (Tiered) (Sickle is WIP) 


Heater Block

Cooler Block

One-way Glass (Comes in all wood types)

Redstone Glass

Boot Sensor

Redstone Boots

Mining Helmet 

Spike Trap

Poison Trap

Flame Trap

Land Mine Trap

Scabstone Bricks


Other Changes or Improvements:

New advancements (Still WIP)

Changes in some textures like Steel Ingot and Steel Plate

Changes to Creative Tabs

More tweaks to other things 

Remove the Temporary Steel Recipe 

Fire Suit gets a proper armor textures and item textures

Added a secret dimension 

Added the new Fire Suit Item Textures

All steel blocks are more constant in blast resistance

All of the ores now can be put in a furnace or blast furnace  

Changes to One-way Glass Blocks Textures from Vanilla Glass to Clear Glass textures.

Fixed the name of the Lime Plastic Wall that is named “Yellow Plastic Wall” by accident. 

Fixed the Sawdust Recipes so all wood types can be turned into sawdust.

Fixed the Tiki Torch missing model/texture.

Some changes to Creative Tabs.

Arrange some blocks and items in the Creative Tabs. 

Fix/change some of the block names.


Awesome textures, awesome ideas, you had this great until you excecuted the plan. Please work on the description and put pictures in and work on the contrast with the textures and combine them with where they go.

Remember, if there is any issues with the mod, leave it in the comments, I will read the comments on the mod page.

Pretty good mod, not gonna lie. Textures look like they came straight from Mojang itself, the fire suit is very useful for a security system involving fire, and the Lom is a funny looking (in a good way) creature and I quite like it. Not much to offer experience wise other than the cave biomes, but that's alright, it seems great for builders nonetheless. 8/10. If I missed anything let me know and I'll go check it, I didn't want to spend too much time as I'm working on my own mod atm.

I am glad to hear that, the next update will majority expand on other news experiences in the mod like exploring new and cool biomes, crafting new technology, decorations, and other great things, finding new structures and mobs with unique loot and blocks, and fun new building blocks to improve your buildings. Thanks for the feedback, it is always appreciated.

Also remember to leave any suggestions in the comment section or on the forum for Suggestions for Many Additions 3.

muahaha as a very good human being i will leave this mod with my upvote of respect
even though im a tester

whoever’s scrolling comments, download this mod NOW! (or mine 🥺)

Sorry for the images on the mod page not working as intended, I will get that fixed soon.