Realistic MC Mod

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The Realistic MC Mod adds realistic blocks to Minecraft. Adds blocks like Stone, Grass, Dirt, Sand, Gravel, Log, Cobblestone, Wood Planks, Mossy Cobble, Stone Bricks, Bricks, Cinder Block, Cobble Brick, Ice, Metal, Stone Floor, Smooth Stone, Red, Granite, Graffiti, Diamond Plate, Magma, Sidewalk, Carpet, White Drywall, Tan Drywall, Clapboard Vinyl, Brick Ground, Brick With Snow, Brushed Metal, Cinder Block Floor, Pebble, Snow, Wavy Metal, Water, Lava, Pebble Path, Grey Brick, Mud, Overgrowth, Ruined Pavement, Asphalt, Window, Door, Rock Tile, Light Block.


Realistic MC looks better with Shaders.

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Realistic_MC_Mod_1.14.4_420.0.0.jar - Realistic MC Mod DownloadUploaded on: 01/16/2021 - 03:09   File size: 12.09 MB