Norths Schematics

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North's Schematics

A modification that is designed with survival mode in mind. Similar to how Structure blocks work but using JSON files, it is possible to save structures in both creative and survival or adventure mode. Once saved the player can place down their structure anywhere else in the world.


Survival Mode

When the player is in survival the structure will be removed when saved. Some items might drop that can't be saved, things like Shulker boxes, item frames, armour stands, paintings things like that. Beds are also one of the few blocks that can't be saved due to it being a multi-structure but I have made sure they drop instead for being fully removed.

Creative Mode

When the player is in creative mode the save block will act more like cloning the structure, the structure can also be placed more than once unlike survival mode, the same idea as survival inventories are not saved but blocks and block rotation are saved as much as possible.

Game Rules


There is a game rule for setting the maximum size players can save structures. It is recommended to not go over 32 as this is the maximum size Minecraft generally uses for block updates and may cause severe lag when placing larger structures, for this reason, I have made sure there is an option for players to limit the structure save size though it can be changed any time by an operator when they like.


You can enable structure backups, an optional system to ensure that every time a structure is saved (even with the same name) that a new file will save to a backups folder for that player. Servers might not want this enabled as it could add up file size on a well-used server but it might be useful for people that want a copy of their structures just in case something happens to them. To roll back a structure all you need to do is place the structure JSON file into the folder and change the name of the file to something more usable like "structure_backup_1" and then use that file name when loading the structure.


  • norths_schematics:dye | Item tag | Used for the crafting recipes.
  • norths_schematics:placement/display | Block tag | Used for structure placement and generation.
    • Signs, banners, etc.
  • norths_schematics:placement/fire | Block tag | Used for structure placement and generation.
    • Fire blocks.
  • norths_schematics:placement/lights | Block tag | Used for structure placement and generation.
    • Torches, lanterns, and candles.
  • norths_schematics:placement/plants | Block tag | Used for structure placement and generation.
    • For all plants that have placement conditions.
  • norths_schematics:placement/redstone | Block tag | Used for structure placement and generation.
    • For all Redstone blocks that have placement conditions.
  • norths_schematics:placement/objects | Block tag | Used for structure placement and generation.
    • All blocks that don't fit under the categories above.


Target Block Crafting Recipe

Target Block Recipe

Structure Block Crafting Recipe

Structure Block Recipe


  • Can save most blocks and their rotations.
  • Structure generation places one block at a time that looks like the structure is being 3D printed.
  • Tag support for custom mod blocks with placement conditions.
  • Designed for general gameplay and creativity, unlike structure blocks.
  • Uses JSON files to save and load structures.
  • Not overpowered in survival mode due to one-time use structures when not in creative.
  • Possible to set the structure size to any size you like as long as it's in the range for the game rule cap.
  • Support for structure backups allows players to keep structures safe even in survival mode.
  • Support for both Fabric and Forge

Planned Features

  • Structure trading system
  • Structure selling system
  • Possibly more features later on.

Known Issues

Fixed in 1.1.0 - Large structures lagged when being placed in version 1.0.0.

Modification files
Norths_Schematics_b1.1.0_for_Forge_1.18.2.jar - FORGE 1.18.2 - Release 1.1.0Uploaded on: 03/29/2023 - 20:50   File size: 159.87 KB
Norths_Schematics_b1.1.0_for_Fabric_1.19.2.jar - FABRIC 1.19.2 - Release 1.1.0Uploaded on: 03/29/2023 - 21:44   File size: 1.41 MB

1.1.0 - Forge 1.18.2 / Fabric 1.19.2 

  • Added Locked Place block that now is used for generating the structure.
  • Added a creative tab for the modification contents.
  • Added new textures and updated older ones.
  • Added a new config file for structure block settings so it works for Fabric as well.
  • Added placement tags that can help with placement stages.
  • Added placement stages which place blocks with placement conditions after basic blocks are placed.
  • Updated the blocks resistance level, it is now set to 128,000.
  • The locked place block has a hardness set to 64,000 and is unbreakable in survival mode.
  • Reworked the placement method to place from block tick update instead of all at once.
  • Placement stages are needed for the new method.
  • Fixed the issue with large structures causing massive performance issues.

1.0.0 - Forge 1.18.2 / Fabric 1.19.2 

  • Added structure-saving mechanics.
  • Added save, place and target blocks.
  • Added support for finding target blocks.
  • Added structure-placing mechanics.
  • Added structure-removing mechanics.
  • Added support for players in survival/adventure game mode.
  • Added support for players in creative game mode.
  • Added support for beds to drop when the structure is saved for survival.
  • Added support for storage items from chests etc. to be dropped when saved in survival.
  • Added crafting recipes for both the save block and the target block.
  • Added menus for saving and placing blocks.
  • Added game rules for structure maximum size to help with performance.
  • Added support to restrict players from duplicating the same structure to gain items.