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Published by Warrior_M on Wed, 10/24/2018 - 12:31
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Hello Guys!

So this mod adds over 100 Colour Blocks based on the HTML Colors Wikipedia page.

Most of the Blocks has Hardness: 2 and Resistance: 8

But some of them has less or more Hardness and/or Resistance. For example The SteelBlue Colour's Resistance is 8.5 and It's Hardness is 2.2, because as it name says its partially a steel :) . So I tried to make these properties to fit to their names a bit.



Planned features:

I am planning to add over 150 new colours to the mod as an expansion in the future.

I will upload it to this mod, but the 'Extended Version' will not contain the HTML Colours. In case that someone wants just these without the HTML colours.

Most of the Blocks will seems similar to an another, but i can guarantee that none of the colours are the same.

Estimated Finish: Unknown


Made with: MCreator 1.7.9

Mod version: 1.12.2






If the 'Colour'  word frustates anyone in the HTML Creative Tab, I can upload the mod again, using the 'Color' word instead of the 'Colour' .

Just let me know, if something does not work properly.


Modification files