Concrete Slabs and Stairs

Published by Warrior_M on Sat, 07/17/2021 - 20:51
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod only adds Concrete Slabs and Concrete Stairs in all the 16 Concrete colors, with recipes.

The Recipes are the same in shape as how you would craft Vanilla slabs or stairs.

* The version 1.0.1 contains Walls too, but they are not shown in this(last) picture



The version 1.0.1 now contains Walls!


If there are Any problems, such as typos, missing textures, wrong crafting recipes or anything else, please write it in comment, and I will try to fix them as soon as possible.


Made with: MCreator 2021.1

Minecraft Version: 1.16.5


Modification files
concrete_slabs_and_stairs.jar - Version 1.0.0 (Slabs and Stairs)193.13 KB
concrete_slabs_and_stairs_v101_fixed.jar - Version 1.0.1 (Slabs, Stairs and Walls)348.19 KB

Version 1.0.1

 - Added Concrete Walls in the 16 Concrete colors and their recipes.