DM's Creator Blocks

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DM's Creator Blocks mod adds 27 new blocks to the game with unique textures meant for player's interested in creating custom maps, minigames, custom stories, etc.


Added Blocks:

- Numbers 0-10

- Players 1-4 blocks (P1, P2, P3, P4)

- Win/lose blocks

- Start/finish blocks

- Plus(+)/Minus(-) blocks

- Question mark block

- Money sign ($)(dollar sign) block

- Arrow blocks x4 (up, down, left, right)


Blocks are non-craftable and therefore only available in creative mode.

Bonus Idea: If you place at least 1 of each block from 1-6 in a dispenser and activate  it then you will get a random output from 1-6, essentially a six sided die roll!


If you have any feedback for this mod please leave your thoughts in a comment below!


Made with MCreator 1.7.5

For Minecraft 1.11.2

Requires Forge

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

- Version 1.0 released

Modification download files