Building Blocks By TheFoxPlush

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Hello there MCreators !

Today, I present you my first mod : Building Blocks ! This mod's concept is very simple : It adds blocks with a vanilla texture, but remixed for building !

Some of the blocks have vanilla versions, but not in items, so I created this mod ! ;)

Please suggest me some new blocks to add, or mechanics to this mod =p. This mod don't have much features, but you can help me by suggesting blocks :p

Screenshots :

There is a One Command version of this mod, wich you can download here : (only in 1.9)


Thank you if you downloaded my mod, it helps me very much ! :p

(Note: Im french, so please tell me if there are errors in the text.)

Bye !


Modification files - Building Blocks mod for 1.8.x by TheFoxPlushUploaded on: 06/24/2016 - 12:23   File size: 81.07 KB