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Published by JulienANG on Fri, 01/19/2018 - 14:46
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Video Games Mod by Julien ANGENIEUX

Last release: 0.0.6

Last update beta: Beta_3-0.0.7

This modification add blocks/items in connection with video games and computers ...

(this mod is in French)


TV 4K: ✔

Gamer computer: ✔

Computer screen: ✔

Smartphone: ✔


Playstation: ✔

Gamecube: ✔

StarFox 2: ✔

Portable computer:✔

Bug block:✔


-Buggy pig

-Buggy cow

-Buggy villager (hostile)


- Kid Kirby Game

- PS4 Controller (special 20 years)


-Bug Flower


How to go in the bug dimension:

-Craft 10-14 bug block: Bake a bug flower in a furnace

-Make a portal frame with bug blocks (like nether portal)

-Make another bug block

-Then, bake this bug block in furnace

-Take the item (ManettePS4)

-Right click with it (like a flint and steel for the nether)

-Go in the portal...


-Minecraft 1.12.2

-Forge or highter

Bugs report:

Wow!!! 100 downloads:

In the next update:

-Nintendo Switch:✔

-Nintendo Switch Dock:✔

-Mistical Flower:✔

-50 downloads trophy:✔

-Master Sword:✔

-Tabs (Nintendo, Sony, Apple, etc...):✔


-3D printer:✔

-PS4: REPORTED (reason: model 3d)

-Nes: REPORTED (reason: model 3d)

-SNES: REPORTED (reason: model 3d)

-Wii: REPORTED (reason: bug)

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

0.0.2- Adding IPad

0.0.3- Adding a new dimension: "The bug dimension"

0.0.3_1- Fixed bug from 0.0.3

0.0.4- Adding Playstation
0.0.5- Adding Gamecube

        - Adding 3 new mobs

0.0.6 (biome Update)- Adding a new biome: Bug biome

                                   - Adding 2 new flowers: Space flower and Bug Flower

0.0.6_1-Resolving bugs from the 0.0.6...

0.0.6_2-Resolving bugs from the 0.0.6_1...

            -Removing unnecessary things

Beta_1-0.0.7-Adding Nintendo Switch

                     -Adding Nintendo Switch Dock

                     -Adding Mistical Flower

                     -Adding 50 downloads trophy

                     -Adding Master Sword

                     -Adding Wii:(BU:;:G)

Beta_2-0.0.7-Correcting bugs

Beta_3-0.0.7-Adding Tabs (Nintendo, Sony, Apple, etc...)

                     -Adding Recipes (for Laptob, ComputerScreen, Smartphone and BugBlock)

Beta_4-0.0.7-Adding 3D printer

                    -Adding crafts for all blocks (expect 50 downloads trophy ;) )

Submitted by Zanzalur on Sat, 01/20/2018 - 13:42

Amazing looking mod! Clearly, alot of effort has been put into this! Awesome!

Make this mod into 3 other mods (Nintendo consoles, other consoles, and else)

If you want i will send you a screenshot with all stuff expect Bug Block and Wii in discord: #9888