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"Welcome to 'Dark Heaven' version 0.6.8, a mod that opens the gateway to an epic realm of fantasy and adventure. Explore a world where magic, mysteries, and endless possibilities await. In this update, 'Dark Abyss Creations' introduces you to 'Voidwalker Artifacts,' 'Abyssal Arsenal,' 'Abyssal Attire,' 'Botanical Bounty,' and 'Living Legacies.' Each addition brings new depth to your gameplay, whether you're a seasoned adventurer or just starting your journey.

Discover the power of knowledge at your fingertips. With compatibility for mod interfaces like JEI (Just Enough Items) or REI (Roughly Enough Items), you can now easily access crafting recipes for every item and block in the game. Say goodbye to uncertainty and craft your tools and gear with confidence.

This update also paves the way for immersive role-playing and storytelling. Craft your own narrative, create legends, and seamlessly weave them into the fabric of the game. 'Dark Heaven' isn't just a mod; it's a world where your imagination knows no bounds.

For the creative souls, take your artistry to new heights with 'OptiFine' support. Enhance your visual experience and make the most of your epic creations in this wondrous land.

As the creator of this extraordinary mod, you're invited to explore my YouTube channel, 'daimondskull_saiyan,' where I share insights, updates, and the latest developments for this fantastical universe. Become part of our vibrant community.

Are you curious about how these incredible creatures, structures, and models come to life? I'm here to assist you at every step. Whether it's modeling or creature creation, ask your questions, seek guidance, and, if you prefer, connect with me on Discord. I'm ready to assist you, using both voice and text, based on your preferences.

And for the tech-savvy creators, 'Dark Heaven' is proudly crafted using MCreator, a versatile mod-making platform. If you're interested in learning how to create models or need instructions and ideas for enhancing your mod, look no further.

The journey continues well into the future, with more updates expected in 2024 and beyond. 'Dark Heaven' version 0.6.8 invites you to unleash your imagination, use shaders for the ultimate visual experience, and embark on epic adventures in this captivating world."

Feel free to make further adjustments or let me know if you need more changes.


with the help of chatgpt 3.5 and mcreator 

Modification files
dark heaven 0.8.9 beta.jarUploaded on: 11/02/2023 - 13:28   File size: 875.8 KB
dark heaven 0.9.3 beta.jarUploaded on: 11/16/2023 - 03:30   File size: 932.86 KB

Version 0.0.8 Alpha

  • Added Nethergrit block.
  • Introduced Voidglass.
  • Added unique tags for Nethergrit and Voidglass.
  • Eldryst Shard, Eldryst Residue, and Lumicrete Block now have slabs and stairs.
  • Added Smooth Eldyst slabs.
  • Added Aetherail Shard.
  • Included Chrono Pebbles.
  • Introduced Emberforge Brick.
  • Added Heart Exp.
  • Implemented Dark Heaven Trade.
  • Introduced Astralite Gem, Astralite Ore, and Astralite Ingot Block.
  • Added Achievement "Astralite Discoverer."
  • Introduced tags for Arcana Stone, Fantasy Stone, Mystical Gems, and Enchanted Ores.
  • Created a Creative Tab "Arcana Arsenal" for mod content organization.
  • Added Astralite Moonblade, Astralite Starforge, Astralite Farmhand, Astralite Timberfall, and Astralite Earthmover.
  • Nether Stone is now available as slabs, stairs, and walls.
  • Void Glass is now available as panes for intricate designs.
  • Included tags AbyssalSubstance and EldritchTransparency to categorize unique blocks.

Changelog for Dark Heaven Mod (Version 0.1.5):

New Features:

  • Added "Inferno Gritstone" block, a fusion of Nethergrit and Infernal Brickwork.
  • Introduced the "Flameforged Pioneer" achievement for obtaining the Inferno Gritstone.
  • Enhanced the loot table for "Astralite Gems" in chests, now with a higher drop rate.
  • Added "Lustric Glow Block" with a soft, radiant glow.
  • Expanded the "Astralustric" armor set, now with increased protection.
  • Included "Mystic Clay Ore" and "Emberfired Shard" for new crafting possibilities.
  • Introduced "Flameforged Tools" with unique abilities.
  • Added "Arcane Well" dimension, accessible through a mysterious portal.

Tweaks and Balancing:

  • Adjusted the rarity of certain loot drops for better gameplay balance.
  • Tweaked the color and texture of "Lustric Crystal" for a more enchanting look.
  • Improved crafting recipes for various items and blocks.
  • Balanced enchantment levels on Flameforged Tools.
  • Fine-tuned the spawn rates of "Astralite Gems."

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused "Dark Sand" to emit light.
  • Resolved an issue with the generation of "Lustric Glow Block."
  • Corrected item naming inconsistencies.

General Improvements:

  • Optimized mod performance for smoother gameplay.
  • Enhanced mod compatibility with other popular mods.
  • Updated mod documentation for clarity and ease of use.

the loot table is for me hard understanding even in video and confuses for me so here are loot names for mcreator

Dark Heaven Version 0.2.9 Changelog:

  • Added new blocks:
    • Twilightstone
    • Twilightstone Cobble
    • Twilightstone Bricks
    • Eldritch Citadel structure
    • Duskshard Cobblestone
    • Eldrtwilight Stone Bricks
  • Added new achievements:
    • Achievement: Twilight Architect
  • Introduced new foliage and wood types:
    • Luminous Leaves
    • Astralwood Logs
    • Celestial Planks
    • Starlight Sapling
    • CelestialGrove structure
  • Added enchanting tags for foliage and wood:
    • Tags: enchanting_foliage
    • Tags: radiant_leaves
    • Tags: ethereal_foliage
    • Tags: aetherial_greenery
    • Tags: mystical_sapling
    • Tags: twinkling_growth
    • Tags: stardust_sapling
    • Tags: mysterious_logs
    • Tags: astral_timber
    • Tags: enigmatic_planks
    • Tags: celestial_wood
    • Tags: arcane_building
    • Tags: dreamcrafting
    • Tags: slow_decomposition
    • Tags: time_warp_foliage
    • Tags: leaf_of_slumber
    • Tags: temporal_shields
    • Tags: time-dilating_sapling
    • Tags: chrono_growth
    • Tags: starborn_nurturing
  • Added new achievement:
    • Achievement: Sapling of the Stars
  • Introduced new resources:
    • Celestium Ore
    • Celestium Crystal
    • Celestium Block
  • Added Astral Flame items:
    • Astral Flame
    • Astral Flame Sword
    • Astral Flame Pickaxe
    • Astral Flame Axe
    • Astral Flame Shovel
    • Astral Flame Hoe
  • Added Astral Mastery Achievement
  • Included item tags for Astral Flame items:

    • Tags: Phoenix_Essence
    • Tags: Celestial_Fire
    • Tags: Eternal_Flame
    • Tags: Phoenix's Grasp
    • Tags: Eternal Power

    Changelog Alpha Version 0.3.3 - Added a new biome: Celestial Rainforest - Introduced custom particle effects for Twilight Stone - Fixed an issue with luminous leaves not behaving correctly - Improved tree spawning in various aspects For more details and to provide feedback, please visit our community forum.

dark heaven version 0.3.9 beta

Inferno Stone

Hellfire Blocks


Shadowflame Brick



Permafrost Brick

Infernium Ore

Infernium Block

nethervoid block

tag Infernal_Essence

tag Abyssal_Power

item tag Abyssal_Power

tag Nether_Spark

item tag Abyssal_Fury

item tag Eldritch_Prowess

item tag Netherforged_Blades

item tag Netherforged_Items

item Abyssal_Artifacts

tag Voidstone_Blocks

tag Voidstone_Blocks

Blazing Brick

Inferno Blaze

Infernal Core Ingot

Infernite Ingot

nethervoid ingot

achievement Infernal Architec

Achievement Infernium Forged

Achievement Voidblade Master

Achievement Abyssal Miner

nethervoid sword

nethervoid pickaxe

nethervoid axe

nethervoid shovel

nethervoid hoe 

Changelog 0.4.5 beta:

  • Added 4 new paintings:
    1. "Mystical Skullguard" by "Enigmatic Artisan"
    2. "Entity 303 Encounter" by "Mysterious Painter"
    3. "Eyes of Glitch" by "Dimensional Illustrator"
    4. "Nocturnal Enigma" by "Ethereal Visionary"

These captivating artworks add a touch of mystery and intrigue to the world of Dark Heaven, inviting players to explore the enigmatic depths of your mod. Enjoy the artistic journey!

Changelog for Update 0.5.1 (Beta):

  • Added new blocks and items related to the Voidrythm theme, including Eldryst Shard and Voidheart Stone.
  • Introduced the "Voidrythm Masonry" achievement, obtainable through Abyssal Onyx crafting.
  • Made various bug fixes and performance enhancements.
  • Simplified models for better usability.

Dark Heaven Mod - Version 0.5.6 Beta Changelog

  • New Additions:
    • Added a new biome: Ebon Sands Desert
      • This desert biome features [describe any unique features of the biome].
    • Introduced new blocks:
      • Ebon Sands
        • [Add any specific details about Ebon Sands]
      • Ebon Sandstone
        • [Add any specific details about Ebon Sandstone]
      • Ebon Glass
        • [Add any specific details about Ebon Glass]
  • Mod Updates:
    • [List any updates or changes you made to existing features or content]
  • Bug Fixes:
    • [List any bug fixes or issues you addressed in this version]
  • Forge Version:
    • Updated Forge to version 47.2.0 for Minecraft 1.20.1

 **Dark Heaven Mod - Version 0.6.3 Beta Changelog** **New Additions in Update 0.6.3:** 1. Added Ebon Glass, a new material with unique properties. 2. Introduced Abyssal Onyx Brick, a formidable building block. 3. Included new tags: Flameforge and Magmainfused for enchantments and effects. 4. Added the Nether Crystal Item, a rare and powerful crafting material. 5. Implemented the Nether Crystal Ore, a valuable resource found in the Nether. 6. Added the Infernal Guardian Achievement, earned by overcoming fiery challenges. 7. Introduced the Infernal Pyroclasmic Armor, a powerful protective set. 8. Created the Dark Entity Mod, expanding the mod's content and features. 9. Added the Gate to Dark Heaven Structure, a mysterious entry point to new adventures. **Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the Dark Heaven Mod!** Note: This changelog exclusively covers the new features and changes introduced in your 0.6.3 beta update.

Dark Heaven Mod - Version 0.6.8 Changelog 

  • New Features:
    • Added a new creative tab for blocks, "Dark Abyss Creations."
    • Introduced a creative tab for items, "Voidwalker Artifacts."
    • A new creative tab, "Abyssal Arsenal," is now available for tools and blades.
    • Added the "Abyssal Attire" creative tab for armor.
    • Introduced "Botanical Bounty" creative tab for planting items.
    • Created "Living Legacies" creative tab for living entities.
  • Changes:
    • Temporarily removed the "Arcana Arsenal" creative tab.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a minor UI issue where some button labels were cut off.
  • Improvements:
    • Improved the visual elements in the Arcane Dimension biome for better immersion.
    • Enhanced the tooltips for certain items for more clarity.

Please let me know if you have any more updates or changes you'd like to include in the Changelog.

Dark Heaven Mod Version 0.7.2 Beta Changelog

New Blocks:

  1. Glacial Sand
    • Type: Block
  2. Glacialith Crystal Matrix Block
    • Type: Block
  3. Nightmare Rack
    • Type: Block

New Items:

  1. Nightmare Hallow Bricks
    • Type: Item

Additional Blocks:

  1. Nightmare Hallow Brick
    • Type: Block

New Weapon:

  1. NightmaresHaunt
    • Type: Sword


  1. Frostforged Mastery
    • Description: Unlock the secrets of Glacial Sand and Glacialith Crystal Matrix.
  2. Corruption's Grip
    • Description: Confront the dark influence of the Nightmare Rack.
  3. Abyssal Heart
    • Description: Seek the depths of the Abyss, where your heart falters.

Note: The "Abyssal Heart" achievement is designed to be challenging, symbolizing the inner turmoil in the mod.

Changelog version 0.7.8 beta:

  • Added Diamyss Ore (Block)
  • Introduced Diamyss Gem (Item)
  • Implemented Glaciana Nether Biome
  • Added new tags:
    • Scorching Paradise
    • Netherchill Haven
    • Frostforge Abyss
  • Introduced Frigid Fusionite Block

Changelog - Version 0.8.4

  • Added "Cryogenic Fluid" to the game.
  • Introduced the "Infernal Guard Shield."
  • Added a new achievement related to "Cryogenic Fluid."
  • Implemented structures in the Nether tied to "Cryogenic Fluid."
  • Included three new tags.
  • Forge update for Minecraft version 1.20.1 and Forge 47.2.0.
  • Integrated with MCreator for mod development.
  • Note: Please be aware that the "Infernal Guard Shield" is a preliminary development in terms of its model. You can contribute to the model's creation if you wish to help.

Here's your Changelog for version 0.8.9 beta:

  • LuminaCode Block
  • Lumina Folly achievement
  • ImmovableNonsense tags
  • NonsensicalMaterial tags
  • LuminaLaughableBlock tags
  • Particle ERROR
  • Living entity soul fire skeleton
  • Bug fixes
  • Spectral Remnants item
  • Ethereal Residue Block Block
  • Ghostly Giggles achievement

Changelog - Version 0.9.3:


  • This update marks a significant milestone as it will be the last release using MCreator.
  • Making the decision to discontinue use due to increasing complexity and challenges in managing procedures.
  • Unfortunately, the learning curve has become too steep, and I've decided to explore alternative approaches.

Thank You:

  • Appreciate the support and engagement from the community during the mod-making journey.
  • Grateful for the experiences gained, but it's time for a new chapter.

Moving Forward:

  • Exploring other avenues for mod development that align better with personal preferences and skills.
  • Open to new opportunities and excited about what the future holds.

Note: While this is the last MCreator update, the modding journey continues in different directions. Thank you for being part of it!