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A joke mod that adds the command /backrooms as an alternative to /ban


Typing "/backrooms [player]" will banish a player into the backrooms, an alternative dimension of endless yellow hallways, dim lights, and irritating fluorescent hum-buzz assaulting your ears. The banished player will not be able to escape, through any means other than the dedicated "/frontrooms [player]" command. Hacking, death and even teleportation through /tp will all end with them returning to the backrooms like as if they never left in the first place. In addition to that, players banished to the backrooms are unable to leave chat messages, in case the reason they were banished was from inappropriate use of the chat function (hate speech, spam, etc)

Use "/frontrooms [player]" to return players back to the overworld, freeing them from the endless monotony that is the backrooms.

To enter the backrooms without having to lock yourself there for all eternity, just use the command "/execute in backslash_backrooms:level_0 run tp ~ ~ ~"

This mod comes with new blocks, such as Wallpaper, Carpet, Ceiling Tile, and Light Fixture, wich can not be obtained in the creative inventory.

Modification files
blackslash-backrooms-1.0.1-1.19.4.jar - 1.19.4Uploaded on: 09/19/2023 - 18:56   File size: 127.01 KB
blackslash-backrooms-1.0.1-1.19.2.jar - 1.19.2Uploaded on: 09/19/2023 - 18:56   File size: 128.88 KB

Fixed a enderdragons and withers creating tunnels out of the backrooms 
Fixed /frontrooms sending user to the overworld, rather than the target
Changed /frontrooms  and /backrooms to work with @a
Fixed /frontrooms sending people into walls 60+ blocks underground

hey is it ok if i ask..

how did you make na level teleport command?

as i cant seem to get mine working.