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A small mod that adds one new biome and its inhabitants.

Modification content:
  • New biome - red pine forest
  • New mob - beaver
  • New food - edible sprout, sprout soup
  • New tool - Axe of the forest
A new axe can only be obtained by trading with a beaver villager.
A beaver villager can only be found in his house; wild beavers spawns freely.
Requires GeckoLib

Requires Geckolib

Modification files
Beavery0.3_1.19.4_forge.jarUploaded on: 11/11/2023 - 11:19   File size: 599.67 KB
Beavery0.3_1.20.1_forge.jarUploaded on: 11/11/2023 - 11:19   File size: 602.22 KB