QuickTurtleKL suits

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(please tell me if you want me to include my other super heros or just make a new mod with all the other ones, or maybe multiple mods with different characters that could go together?)

this mod adds my own custom super hero to Minecraft. (I finally got around to giving him an actual costume design.

the mod includes;

QuickTurtleKL PROTOTYPE armor

QuickTurtleKL Tear 1 armor

QuickTurtleKL Tear 2 armor

Turtle tech (used to craft the turtle armors)

QuickTurtleKL The mob, you can kill him and maybe get his armor that way.

I have more ideas for what i might add to this mod, i might just increase it to being all of my super heros i have ever made (this would take FOREVER) which sounds like a little bit of fun.

oh yeah, and press R to active the Turtle suit powers. you can also fly when wearing T1 or T2 armors.

Modification files
QuickTurtleKL suits (beta).jar - Download files.Uploaded on: 11/04/2023 - 02:38   File size: 94.98 KB

First release - Version 1                 11/3/23