Craftable Horse Armor!

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Yes, I know there's already a mod similar to this.

This IS NOT in any way, shape, or form a copy of said mod.

Made using MCCreator



MIDDLE ROW: Gold Ingot/Iron Ingot/Diamond, Saddle, Gold Ingot/Iron Ingot/Diamond



About the Mod

This was my first WORKING mod made using MCCreator. It never compiled correctly in the past...

Anyways, this mod allows the player to craft horse armor (without this mod or some other mod doing something similar, they are only found in dungeons) . That is literally all the mod does. It adds 3 crafting recipes. Currently, this mod ONLY supports 1.7.10 and will probably be like that for quite a long time, as I prefer to stay on a Minecraft version until the next update has a reasonable amount of useful mods on Skydaz (Special thanks to them for helping me become a mod player and inspiring me to make my own mods!) . Thanks for reading! T2 OUT!

Modification files
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Reply to xianma: Tame the horse first, ride it, then press E. There is now a slot available for the horse armor