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Stitching Sins Mod title 

This Mod Is an Addon for Sons of sins ,you need to also download it (you can do it here) to make the Addon works


This Mod add 3 new organs for necromancy in sons of sins and add over 100 possibilities of stitched organs (taking into account sewing malus).


This mod was made with mcreator.


note:I'm French so you might find mistakes in my language,sorry in advance :)


Warning : This mod is an addon from a mod that has many sounds that could be called disturbing, or creepy. If you are a sensitive person, don't try this mod !


You can obtain three new organs using the sickle from sons of sins to collect them by killing the corresponding entities:

  • Wolf Ribs:For a player,it only gives a strength effect for 1 minute.But it will enrage a flesh creature and make it attack nearby hostile mobs (and sheeps !)
  • Enderman Heart : The nearbiest hostile mob is teleported to you by consuming this heart and takes two fall damage.This effect will trigger nearly every 3 seconds for a flesh creature.Note that you only have a 1 in 8 chance of dropping it.
  • Dragon Heart:By consuming this heart, you will rise into the sky then shoot a end dragon fireball at the nearest hostile mob. It will create an explosion inflicting only heavy damage. Also gives a slow fall effect for reland. Watch out for the dragon's breath that remains on the ground!A flesh creature will trigger this effect every 30 seconds (Beware of collateral damage)

 Organ presentation


The main mechanic of this mod is organ stitching which allows you to merge different organs.

First,you need to craft a bone needle,ether string(made with ether ashes from sons of sins) and a sewing table(made from planks,a bone needle and an ether string).



Then,place the sewing table and right click to open its inventory.Place a bone needle and ether string in the right slots(you will recognize them)

Put in the top slots the organs that you want to stitch.They will merge at the cost of 1 ether string and make a stitched organ that combine the two effects.The type of the new stitched organ will be taken randomly from one of the organs ( wolf ribs +enderman heart can give you ribs or a heart).Don't forget that it is useless to merge the same organs and it will result in wastes.

 Sewing Table Explanations


But organ sewing has a cost: It adds penalties linked to the new organ such as weakness, slowness... But if you are lucky enough, you can obtain bonuses!



Make the combination of your dreams and add even more possibilities with stitched organs!(a stitched organ can't be stitched again)


The mod is still in alpha and some content/updates can still be add in the future.If you find items with commands that are inaccessible without them, it is likely that they are not working correctly.


Good game ! 



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