Fuel+ Mod

Submitted by U8322 on Wed, 05/01/2019 - 22:11
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Fuel+ is a minecraft mod that makes you available to use some burnable stuff as fuel , these stuff are not available to use as a fuel in vanilla minecraft.I know there is another mod that adds more fuels but that mod adds some blocks and items too, but this mod doesn't add any block or item it just adds more fuels and not anything else.

Items that can be used as a fuel:

  1. Lily Pad (100 ticks)
  2. Dead Bush (80 ticks)
  3. Tall Grass (80 ticks)
  4. Fern (80 ticks)
  5. All Flowers (80 ticks) 
  6. Double Plants (100 ticks)
  7. Hay Bale (125 ticks)
  8. Magma Block (20,000 ticks)
  9. All Leaves (80 ticks)
  10. Cobweb (50 ticks)

 If you find any bugs don't forget to report it to me


You can add this mod to your modpack without asking.


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  • ​​​​​​​First Version of Mod has 10 fuels
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