Sculk Armor and Weapons

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This Is a datapack I made for my server and decided to post on here. There are 8 new items added to the game

  1.  Souls: these are used to craft soul ingots
  2. Soul ingots: these are used in a smithing table with any netherite armor or tools to upgrade them into sculk and soul armor
  3. soul armor: each piece can be crafted in a smithing table with a soul ingot. it gives you better knockback resistance then netherite and more armor
  4. soul sword and pick: crafted the same way as the armor but with a netherite sword and pick respectively. the sword does more damage and the pick mines faster.

    Here's a video of how to craft the items

Modification files
sculkarmor.zipUploaded on: 11/10/2023 - 04:02   File size: 26.38 KB

Simply to let you know that the provided ZIP file in the downloads is your MCreator workspace. It is not a data pack and so, it will not be loaded by Minecraft. To create a real data pack using MCreator, you need to use the Data pack generator.